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Video Diaries

Rhodri Morgan - Welsh First Minister

Video I - 2.1MB

Nilvo Alves da Silva - Rio Grand do Sul

Video I - 2.3MB

Michael Schmidt - Austria

Video I - 2.1MB

Judy Edwards - Western Australia

Video I - 1.7MB

Video II - 1.4MB

Video III - 1.0MB

Video IV - 0.6MB

Jean Claude Banlieu -  Poitou-Charentes Region, France

Video I - 4.7MB

Atinderpal Singh - Punjab Region, India

Video I - 4.5MB

Kenty Richardson -  Catalonia Region, Spain

Video I -  1.8MB

Sabin Intxaurraga Mendibil - Basque Country - Spain

Video I - 1.1MB

Ramon Espadaler - Minister of Environment, Catalonia

Video I - 0.9MB (Spanish)

Video II - 0.4MB (Spanish) 

Thomas Hagg - Northern Sweden

Video I - 0.8MB

Video II - 0.8MB

Mr. J. Mabena - Mpumalanga Province, South Africa

Video I - 2.4MB

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