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If you are interested in becoming involved in international activity in the run up to Earth Summit 2002, and the sustainable development agenda beyond this, please fill in this on-line form.

By indicating your areas of interest we can inform you about activities relevant to these specific issues. By ticking the relevant boxes you can also be sent monthly editions of Network 2002 and be informed when new Background Briefings become available.

All of these publications and services are FREE, we just want people with an interest in sustainable development to be able to link in with international debate on the issues which concern them.

Bearing in mind that the more information we have the easier it is for us to involve and inform you, please fill in as many fields as possible.

If you are completing this in a professional capacity, please take time to answer the questions on your organisation the bigger the Toward Earth Summit 2002 network, the greater the difference we can make to the sustainable development process.

Which of these areas are you / your organisation interested in?

Aid Bidiversity Biotechnology
Capacity Building Children & Youth Cities
Climate / Atmosphere Consumption Debt
Desertification Education Energy
Environmental Studies Facilitation & Monitoring Finance
Food Forests Freshwater
Gender Health Land Use & Agriculture
Media Oceans Poverty
Science & Technology Tourism Trade & Investment
Transport UN & Institutional Reform

If relevent, which of these Major Groups do you / your organisation represent

Business & Industry Education Farmers
Indigenous Peoples Religious Community local Authorities
Media NGO Science & Research
Trade Unions Women Young People


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This database may be posted on the Internet at a later date, for access by other sustainable development groups. Please tick this box if you DO NOT want your information to available on-line or to other groups.

About you

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About your organisation

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If you wish to notify us of any additional information which you feel may be relevent, please add this below.