Staff of the Roadmap to 2002

Derek Osborn


Derek Osborn was Director General of Environmental Protection at the UK Department of the Environment from 1990 to 1995. Since then he has been operating independently in the environmental field and has a number of different roles. He is Chair of the European Environment Agency in Copenhagen; Chair of UNED-UK, an NGO which keeps groups in the UK in touch with international activity on environment and sustainable development; and Chair of the Earth Centre development in South Yorkshire currently being completed, which will be an  educational centre, demonstrating the challenges of the environment and sustainability, and the solutions that are being developed to meet them.

In 1997 Derek was invited to act as co-chair of the United Nations negotiations 'five years after Rio' leading up to Earth Summit II in New York last June. He has subsequently, with Tom Bigg, published 'Earth Summit II - Outcomes and Analysis'.  The book analyses this Conference outlining what needs to be done now to make Rio + 10 in the year 2002 a more successful occasion, which re-animates the progress of sustainable development around the world. 


Felix Dodds

UNED-UK Co-ordinator

Felix develops and manages projects for UNED-UK, representing UNED-UK at UN events. His specific objectives are to help organise and facilitate the involvement of Major Groups in the UN system, both domestically and internationally.

In addition, Felix Co-chairs the CSD NGO Steering Committee, which co-ordinates the involvement of NGOs in the UN Commission for Sustainable Development. He has been an NGO advisor to the UK Government and the European Commission (‘97-’98), at the UN CSD (‘93-’96). He has attended the UN Rio Summit, Habitat II and Earth Summit II.

In support of his work, Felix has produced numerous publications and reports. Covering topics ranging from NGOs and the UN, Agenda 21, Sustainable Development Indicators, and follow-up reports to main UN conferences. Notably this includes his analysis of the Rio process in his book 'The Way Forward - Beyond Agenda 21'.


Toby Middleton

Roadmap Project Co-ordinator

Having achieved his Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management in 1996, Toby Middleton has worked with Local Authorities in Environment & Health and Planning Fields before coming to UNED-UK. Here he focused initially on the UNED-UK's Environment & Health Programme, subsequently moving to support the organisation's work on international issues. Most notably, UNED-UK’s role on the UN CSD NGO Steering Committee covering a variety of Sustainable Development issues. The Roadmap is a natural progression in UNED-UK’s work in mapping out the agenda of events and developments in the field of Sustainable Development in the build up to Earth Summit III in 2002.

He has represented UNED-UK at the United Nations Environment Programme's 20th Governing Council, co-ordinating and chairing Ministerial side events, and also attended the Global meeting of UNEP National Committees, of which UNED is the Committee for the UK.

Over the last 18 months Toby has contributed to UNED-UK publications in support of the project work he has been co-ordinating. These programmes include work with Globe UK, the Parliamentary Sustainable Development Steering Group, liaising with European Sustainable Development NGOs, and co-ordinating workshops, meetings and conferences, and representing UNED-UK and the UNA-UK on the UK MAI Coalition.

Toby has also been working towards completing his Masters Degree and is currently developing research projects - supporting UNED-UK’s agenda - to achieve this. Areas of specific interest the direction of international sustainable development into the next millennium.


Yani Vozos

UNED-UK Intern

Yani Vozos is finishing the final year of his first degree in Urban and International Affairs from the University of Pittsburgh, USA. He has studied in and travelled to more than twenty countries around the world, building a catalogue of experiences which have prompted an awareness of global issues (mainly centred around the broad and dynamic topic of sustainable development). This awareness has resulted in his motivation for involvement within affiliated organisations. He has worked at the local government level within urban planning and community development and has been working at UNED-UK providing support to different projects concerning broad-based sustainable development in both local and international venues.


ZoŽ Hatherly

Project Earth Summit 2002 Website Intern

ZoŽ has had a long-standing interest in environment and development issues, furthered by extensive international travel (particularly in Asia). After completing a first degree, in Modern History, at Bristol University in 1999, she set off to explore more of the world.

After four months in India - highlights included time spent studying yoga and Tibetan cookery, staying at Gandhi's ashram, visiting development projects and meeting the Dalai Lama - she spent three months in the US. Here she taught an environmental education course and worked on the website of a San Francisco-based environmental charity, Green City.

ZoŽ is now back in the UK, with a consolidated commitment to make a career in the field of sustainable development. As a first step on this path, she is working on the Earth Summit 2002 website, and has taken on responsibility for the Roadmap to 2002.


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