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Roadmap Homepage

        About this Web-site

        Why do I need a Roadmap?

        Contacting the Project Co-ordinator

        Links to UNED-UK Homepage & UNED-UK's Toolkit for Women


UN Conference Focus

        The UN Conference on Environment & Development, Rio '92

        World Conference on Human Rights, Vienna '93

        International Conference on Population & Development, Cairo '94

        The World Summit for Social Development, Copenhagen '95

        The 4th World Conference on Women, Beijing '95

        UN Conference on Human Settlements, Habitat II, Istanbul '96

        World Food Summit, Rome '96

        UN Conference on Trade & Development, Mitrend '96

        Earth Summit II, New York '97


UN Commissions Focus

        Commission on Sustainable Development

        Commission on Population & Development

        Commission on the Status of Women

        Commission on Social Development

        Commission on Human Settlement


UN Conventions Focus

        Rio Conventions

                UN Convention on Biological Diversity

                Convention to Combat Destification

                UN Framework Climate Change Convention (UNFCCC)

                POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants)

                PICs (Prior Informed Consents)

                Agreement on Straddling & Migratory Fish Stocks

        Other Conventions

        About Conventions    


Global Agencies

        World Bank

        Organisation for Economic Co-operation & Development

        United Nations Environment Programme

        United Nations Development Programme

        World Trade Organisation

        World Health Organisation

        United Nations Food & Agriculture Organisation


Regional Agencies

        United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

        United Nations Economic & Social Commission for Asia & the South    Pacific

        United Nations Economic Commission for Africa

        United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America & the              Caribbean

        United Nations Economic & Social Commission for Western Asia



        European Commission, DG XI

        BP Amoco



        Staff of the Roadmap to 2002

                Derek Osborn, UNED-UK Chair

                Felix Dodds, UNED-UK Co-ordinator

                Toby Middleton, Roadmap Project Co-ordinator

                Yani Vozos, UNED-UK Roadmap Intern

                ZoŽ Hatherly, Project Earth Summit 2002 Website Intern

Major Group Organisations

        Climate Action Network

        International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives

        The Global Forest Policy Project

        World Business Council for Sustainable Development

        International Chamber of Commerce

        International Council for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN                  Netherlands)

        Commission on Sustainable Development NGO Steering Committee

        Institute for Transport & Development Policy

        International Water Services Association

        Women's Environment & Development Organisation

        WWF Global Toxic Institute

        World Trade Organisation NGO Network





                Chemicals Roadmap Advisory Committee Expert Analysis

                       Birgit Engelhardt, ICCA, Representative to the UN

        Consumption & Production

                Consumption Roadmap Advisory Committee Expert Analysis 

                        Laurie Micahelis, 

                        Research Commission on Sustainable Consumption, 

                        Oxford Centre for the Environment, Ethics & Society

        Energy & Climate




                Freshwater Roadmap Advisory Committee Expert Analysis

                        Jim Lamb, Severn Trent Plc


        Main Events

        Oceans & Seas

               Oceans Roadmap Advisory Committee Expert Analysis

                        Alan Simcock, UK Dept. for Environment, Transport & the     Regions

                        Sian Pullen, WWF Marine Conservation Programme

                        Jon Wonham, Cardiff University


Earth Summit 2002

        2002 Non-Paper


        List of the abbreviations in full


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