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About this Web-Site

The Roadmap to 2002 works to give a year by year representation of how the international agenda for sustainable development is progressing, provided under one common web-orientated forum.  This is a tool designed to assist your participation and tracking of Sustainable Development issues, and preparations for work taking place on an international level.  To provide a framework for this process, there are executive summaries on the major conferences and UN agencies in the Focus pages.  These are designed to give you an understanding of how the UN system operates, and to provide an overview of how the issues have developed to date.  For further details and to find your way round the site please go to the site map.  

Why do I need a Roadmap?

Since the first Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, 1992, the principles of Sustainable Development have been incorporated into the work on a number of Environment & Development issues.  Work on these, and other, issues has been undertaken by a number of different UN Agencies and other International and Regional organisations.  This has led to a situation where different groups are working on the same issues at the same time, but with separate work programmes at separate levels, reflecting their own agenda's.

The Roadmap seeks to give clarity to this process, by identifying the agenda for the next millennium within the field of Sustainable Development.  It is designed to help individual organisations and networks of organisations to better co-ordinate their work in a more integrated manner, according to the timetable of events in the build up to Earth Summit III 2002.  This is done by breaking down the UN, and other related organisations, work processes to specific issue, and then tracking their development from 1992 to 2002.

Each issue will be addressed separately, detailing the agenda of future meetings up to 2002, the agreements met, the host agencies leading the international agenda and those responsible for monitoring and follow-up activities.  Links will be given to those agencies web-sites, as well as to the key texts to the meetings and conferences.  This process will allow NGO's, other Major Groups and other Stakeholders to prepare in a more coherent manner and to have a clearer understanding of how they can best participate. 

If you have any comments or queries about the Roadmap, please send them to the Project Co-ordinator, ZoŽ Hatherly, at UNED-UK's e-mail address:

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