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Your Input


We are very interested in your input, comments, and questions regarding this project.

We're aiming to develop this site and the network into a 'learning hub' on multi-stakeholder processes where people can share their knowledge and experiences and we can explore how to further stakeholder participation and collaboation.

Please contact us if you want to comment on the project, the report / book, examples of ongoing / past / planned processes, relevant literature, anecdotes and stories relating to MSPs, etc...:

Minu Hemmati, (Consultant / Project Co-coordinator)

Felix Dodds, (Project Co-coordinator & UNED Forum Director)

Jasmin Enayati, (Consultant / Project Assistant & Scientific Review Consultant)

Jan McHarry, (Consultant / Research)


Contact Minu Hemmati and Felix Dodds for further information.