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MSP Workshop Participants
New York, 28/29 April 2001

[ Speakers & session chairs in bold ]


Alejandro Argumedo, Indigenous Peoples Biodiversity Network, Peru

Alison Crowther, The Environment Council, UK

Andreas Seiter, Novartis, Switzerland

Ann Goodman, Tomorrow Publishing, US

Annabel Waititu, Environment Liaison Centre International, Kenya

Annick Dollacker, Bayer, Germany

Arjun Dutta, Consumer Unity &  Trust Society, India

Ashok Khosla, Development Alternatives, India

Beth Biblin, UNED Forum

Birgit Engelhardt, Association of Chemical Industries, Germany

Christine Durbak, World Information Transfer, US

Claudia Strauss, World Information Transfer, US

Daniel Wiener, ag, Switzerland

Danielle Morley, UNED Forum

David Hales, (formerly USAID), US

David Woollcombe, Peacechild International, UK

Derek Osborn, UNED Forum

Dick Ballhorn, Government of Canada

Edward Alitsi, Environment Liaison Centre International, Kenya

Elena Lonore, International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives

Emad Adly, Arab Network for Environment and Development, Egypt

Felix Dodds, UNED Forum

Francis Caas, GLOBE, South Africa

Francois Joubert, Edward Nathan & Friedland, Corporate Law Advisors & Consultants, South Africa

Frank Brucho, Ediciones Vivir Mejor, Venezuela

Grace Ryu, Office of Development Studies, UNDP

Harsh Jaitli, Society for Participatory Research in Asia, India

Hazel Brown, Commonwealth Women's Network, Trinidad & Tobago

Herman Verheij, Ecooperation, The Netherlands

Hesphina Rukato, Minerals & Energy Policy Center, South Africa

Irene Dankelman, University of Nijmegen / WEDO, The Netherlands

J. Gary Lawrence, Sustainable Strategies & Solutions, Inc., US

Jack Wheelan, ICC

Jakob Stroem, Ministry of the Environment, Sweden

James Langston 'Kimo' Goree VI, International Institute for Sustainable Development / Reporting Services, US

Jan Peterson, Huairou Commission / Women's Super Coalition

Jane Paxman, BP Amoco plc, New York

Jan Martin Witte, Global Public Policy Project

Jasmin Enayati, UNED Forum

Jeffrey Barber, Integrated Strategies Forum, US

John van d. Lewis, Near East Foundation, US

Julia Marton Lefevre, LEAD International

Kaspar Eigenmann, Novartis, Switzerland

Katell Le Goulven, UNDP

Kevin Dunion, Friends of the Earth Scotland

Kim Carstensen, WWF, Denmark

Linda Elswick, International Partners for Sustainable Agriculture, US

Lise Kingo, Novo Nordisk, Denmark

Lloyd Timberlake, World Business Council on Sustainable Development

Lucien Royer, International Confederation of Free Trade Unions

Lynne Joiner, Journalist, US

Magdi Ibrahim, ENDA Maghreb

Malcolm Corbett, Poptel Worldwide, UK

Marcia Regis, Leadership for Environment And Development, Brazil

Maria Lourdes (Malou) Lasquite, Novartis, Switzerland

Maria Onestini, Centro de Estudios Ambientales, Argentina

Michael Dorsey, Justice & Sustainability Associates / Sierra Club, US

Michael Oborne, OECD

Michael Scoullos, Mediterranean Sustainable Development Commission, Greece

Michael Strauss, Earth Media, US

Michele Ferenz, Consensus Building Institute, US

Miguel Schloss, Transparency International

Mike Ashley, International Union of Local Authorities

Minu Hemmati, UNED Forum

Nancy Nielsen, Former Vice President, Corporate Communications, The New York Times, US

Neil Van Heerden, South Africa Foundation

Nigel Cross, International Institute for Environment and Development, UK

Olga Ponizova, ECO-Accord, Russia

Pamela Puntenney, University of Michigan / CSD Education Caucus, US

Paul Hohnen, Former Director Greenpeace International and Advisor to international NGOs, organisations and corporations, The Netherlands

Paul Whiffen, Tearfund UK

Peter Adriance, Baha'i International Community

Peter Padbury, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade of Canada

Peter Ritchie, Global Development Solutions

Peter Tobler, Novartis, Switzerland

Pieter van der Gaag, ANPED The Northern Alliance for Sustainability, The Netherlands

Rajiv Gupta, Development Alternatives, India

Raymond van Ermen, European Rio+10 Coalition, Belgium

Richard Ballhorn, Environment Canada

Richard Sherman, Earth Life South Africa

Rosalie Gardiner, UNED Forum

Rosemarie Baer, Swiss Coalition of Development Organisations, Switzerland

Saneeya Hussain, World Commission on Dams

Sean Southey, ICLEI

Teodorina Lessidrenska, Global Reporting Initiative, US

Thomas Becker, Bundesverband Deutscher Industrie, Germany

Thomas Forster, International Partners for Sustainable Agriculture, US

Thorsten Benner, Global Public Policy Project

Toby Middleton, UNED Forum

Tracy Haller, Novartis, US

Trevor Harvey, CSD Education Caucus, UK

Verena Schmidt, UNIT.Net, Germany

Zehra Aydin, UN Division for Sustainable Development


[ Workshop Report ] [ Programme ] [ Pictures ]


Contact Minu Hemmati and Felix Dodds for further information.