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The workshop will be held 28/29 April, 2001, hosted by BP Amoco plc at their New York conference facilities, Madison Avenue, New York.

It follows after UNED Forum's International Advisory Board meeting on April 28 (8.300 - 12.30).

This is the weekend between the UN Commission on Sustainable Development 9th Session and its 10th Session, being the first International Preparatory Meeting for Earth Summit 2002.

The workshop webcast is available via the Internet (web-cast) until July 2001, sponsored by Unit.Net




April 28, 2001


13.30 Arrival of participants / registration / coffee


14.00 15.30 Opening session

Derek Osborn, UNED Forum Co-Chair
Tribute to Chip Lindner 
Felix Dodds, UNED Forum
Executive Director

Multi-Stakeholder processes. A Methodological Framework
Minu Hemmati, UNED Forum [ MS Powerpoint ; Notes ]

Multi-Stakeholder Processes: Why, and Where Next?
Paul Hohnen,
Former Director Greenpeace International and Advisor  to international NGOs, organisations and corporations [ MS Powerpoint ]

Innovation in Governance. The Role of Global Public Policy Networks
Jan Martin Witte & Thorsten Benner, Global Public Policy Project [ MS Powerpoint ]

[ Download all 5 presentations in one ZIP file, 1.2 MB ]


15.30 16.00 Coffee Break


16.00-17.30  Multi-stakeholder Processes in Practice: Examples and Experiences

Bio-society Issues Related Processes
Andreas Seiter, Novartis
[ MS Powerpoint ]

You Have Been Consulted! Climate Change Multi-Stakeholder processes in South Africa
Richard Sherman, Earthlife South Africa
[ MS Powerpoint ]

The World Commission on Dams 
Saneeya Hussain, World Commission on Dams
[ MS Powerpoint ]

[ Download all 5 presentations in one ZIP file, 1.2 MB ]


18.30 Wine Reception at BP

19.30 Dinner / Party at the "Casa Del Pescatore", 955 Second Avenue


April 29, 2001


9.00 Breakfast at workshop venue 


10.00 12.30 Parallel Workshops 


Group 1: Biodiversity, bio-prospecting, access to health

Speakers: Alejandro Argumedo, Indigenous Peoples Biodiversity Network, Peru, and Michael Dorsey, Justice & Sustainability and Sierra Club, US
Chair: Lynne Joiner, Journalist, US
Rapporteur: Rosalie Gardiner, UNED Forum

Group 2: Natural Resources Extraction at Local / Sub-national Levels (Energy Resources)

Speakers: Gary Lawrence, Sustainable Strategies and Solutions, US, and Sean Southey, ICLEI  
Chair: Paul Whiffen, Tearfund, UK
Rapporteur: Toby Middleton, UNED Forum

Group 3: Bio-society Issues at the Global Level 

Speakers: Jack Whelan, ICC Working Party on Bio-society Issues, and Harsh Jaitli, Society for Participatory Research in Asia, India 
Chair: Annik Dollacker, Bayer, Germany
Rapporteur: Jasmin Enayati, UNED Forum

Group 4: Global Energy Policies 

Speakers: Jane Paxman, BP, and Arjun Dutta, Consumer Union & Trust Society, India
Chair: Daniel Wiener, Journalist
Rapporteur: Beth Hiblin, UNED Forum

Group 5: Water & Energy: Policy Development and Decision-Making on Large Dams

Speaker:  Emad Adly, Arab Network for Environment & Development, Egypt
Chair: Danielle Morley, UNED Forum
Rapporteur: Charles Nouhan, UNED Forum

Speakers gave brief introductions (5 minutes); groups were facilitated to discuss problems / experiences at the various stages of an MSP, based on the draft framework and develop recommendations, guided by key questions.



12.30 14.00 Lunch break
(during which key points from the break-out groups were incorporated shall be put into the co-chair's summary)



14.00 15.00 Conclusions


Presentation of the Co-Chair's Summary of the the workshop presentations and discussions



15.00  Coffee and end of Meeting


Questions for the break-out groups, 29th April:

Which aspects of the issue area under discussion has been / should be addressed with an MSP - and what would such a process ideally look like?
What are the key principles, components, and conditions of successful MSPs?
What should be principles and practical components of linkages between MSPs and official decision-making processes?


[ Workshop Report ] [ Participants ] [ Pictures ]


Contact Minu Hemmati and Felix Dodds for further information.