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In producing the present report, we have researched relevant information (existing examples, scientific research), clarified some of the terms and concepts, and analysed the underlying values and ideology of MSPs.

Many people have been helping us with comments, ideas, and references. Others took the time to be interviewed or fill in our questionnaire to provide us with information about concrete examples of MSPs .

We also put the draft report to the UNED International Advisory Board, people who are involved in the examples studied, and others who have been working on multi-stakeholder processes.

Paul Hohnen, former Director of Greenpeace International and advisor to a range of international NGOs, organisations and corporations, reviewed an earlier version of this (draft) report and provided a large number of invaluable contributions, comments, amendments and questions.

We thank all who have contributed their expertise, experiences, comments and critical questions (see Annex V). The authors take full responsibility for the contents of the report itself, including its shortcomings.


A Call to Readers

Sustainable development is a process; and multi-stakeholder processes are one of the tools that can help us to achieve a more sustainable future. Increasing the utility of MSPs requires that we understand and evaluate how they have been used in the past and that we gain more experiences in more such processes.

"Since the answers to fundamental and serious concerns are not at hand, there is no alternative but to keep on trying to find them" (Brundtland 1987: ix).

As one commentator has recently observed: “Business as usual, government as usual, and perhaps even protest as usual are not giving us the progress needed to achieve sustainable development. Let’s see if we can’t work together to find better paths forward” (Hohnen 2001).

We very much want our readers to join us in our learning process. We are looking forward to hearing from you - to experiment in theory, in discussion, and in practice.


Contact Minu Hemmati and Felix Dodds for further information.