Annex V : Contributors, commentators, interviewees 


We thank everybody who has contributed to the present draft report.

Listed below are all those who have contributed to various parts of the document providing information abut the examples studied, input into the review of scientific research, the discussions on values and ideology, commenting on the draft report, etc.

This does not imply any kind of endorsement of the present document, neither by the persons listed nor by their organisations.


Alex Wilks, Bretton Woods Project, London

Alison Crowther, The Environment Council, UK

Amina Adam, UN Division for the Advancement of Women

Andreas Seiter, Novartis, Switzerland      

Barry Coates, WDM, UK

Bob Massie, CERES, USA

Chris Church, The Northern Alliance for Sustainability / ANPED, The Netherlands

Danielle Morley, UNED Forum

David Taylor, New Zealand Government

Denise O'Brien, UN Global Compact Unit

Dieter Beck, Public Administration Research Institute, Speyer, Germany

Erich Witte, University of Hamburg, Germany

Federica Pietracci, UN DESA Finance for Development Secretariat

Felix Dodds, UNED Forum

Frank McShane, IIED

Gino Van-Begin, ICLEI Europe

Gordon Shepherd, WWF International, Switzerland

J. Gary Lawrence, Sustainable Strategies & Solutions Inc., USA

Jack Wheelan, ICC

Jan McHarry, UNED Forum, UK

Jan-Gustav Strandenaes, UNED Forum, Norway

Jasmin Enayati, UNED Forum, UK

Jeffrey Barber, Integrated Strategies Forum / SPAC Caucus / TOBI, Washington

Jeremy Waites, UN ECE

John Mitchell, World Bank

Juliette Majot, IRN

June Zeitlin, WEDO, New York

Kai Sassenberg, Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany

Kaspar Eigenmann, Novartis, Switzerland

Kevin Dunion, Friends of the Earth Scotland

Klaus Jonas, Technical University Chemnitz, Germany

Malcolm Harper, UNA-UK

Marc Bacon, UK Government / DETR

Maryanne Grieg-Gran, IIED

Mike Kelly, KPMG, UK

Minu Hemmati, UNED Forum

Navid Hanif, Permanent Mission of Pakistan to the United Nations

Nicky Nzioki, Nairobi

Nigel Cross, IIED, UK

Oswald Neuberger, University of Augsburg, Germany

Patrick Humphreys, London School of Economics and Political Sciences, UK

Patrick McCully, International Rivers Network, USA

Paul Clements-Hunt, UNEP Europe, Switzerland

Paul Hohnen, Former Director of Greenpeace International and Advisor to International NGOs, Organisations and Corporations

Peter Kearns, OECD

Richard Sandbrook, MMSD

Robert Goodland, World Bank

Rosalie Gardiner, UNED Forum

Stephanie Hanford, WBCSD

Suzannah Lansdell, The Environment Council, UK

Toby Middleton, UNED Forum

Ulrich Gebhard, University of Hamburg, Germany


[ preliminary list as of 21 February 2001 ]


Contact Minu Hemmati and Felix Dodds for further information.