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List of examples of multi-stakeholder processes studied
as of March 2 16, 2001:


Aarhus Convention Process

Beijing+5 Global Forum / Online Discussions (1999 / 2000)

CSD Multi-stakeholder Dialogues (1997 - 2000)

Environment Council: Brent Spar Dialogue Process (1996 – 1997)

Finance for Development Civil Society Hearings  (2000)

Global Reporting Initiative (since 1999)

Local Agenda 21 Processes:

A: Cooperation for sustainable development in the lower Columbia River Basin (since 1999)

B: Local Agenda 21 processes (in the UK and elsewhere) (since 1992)

Multi-stakeholder Dialogues at the 8th Informal Environment Ministers Meeting, Bergen (2000)

Novartis Forum events (1997 – 1999)

OECD / Biotechnology (1999 - 2000)

Processes Developing National Strategies on Sustainable Development

A: National Strategies for Sustainable Development

B: Creation of National Councils for Sustainable Development / Earth Council

UN Global Compact (since 1999)

Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development (WBCSD / IIED) (1999 – 2001)

WBCSD / IIED Paper Initiative (1997)

WHO European Health and Environment Conference (1999)

World Bank World Development Report / Online Discussion of Draft Report (2000)

WB GEF / UNDP Country Dialogue Workshops Program

World Commission on Dams (1998 – 2000)





Analytical Framework













Type; Scope; Level of MSP


Procedural Aspects:

Designing the MSP
How was the process designed? And by who? Were they consultations with stakeholders on the design?

Identifying the issues to be addressed in an MSP
Who identifies the issues? And how?

Identifying relevant stakeholders
Who identifies relevant stakeholders? And how?

Identifying MSP participants
Who identifies participants? And how? 
Possibly different for the various participating stakeholder groups

Setting the goals of an MSP
Who sets the goals? And how?
Can goals develop over the course of the MSP – eg from an informing process into a dialogue / consensus-building process; from mere exchange of views to implementation?
Do participants have opportunities to check back with their constituencies when changes are being proposed?

Setting the agenda
Who sets the agenda? And how?
Do participants have opportunities to check back with their constituencies when changes are being proposed?

Setting the time-table
Who sets the time-table? And how?

Preparatory process
How is the dialogue being prepared? (consultations within constituencies; papers; initial positions etc)
Is the preparations within stakeholder groups being monitored somehow?

Communication process
How is the communication conducted? (face-to-face / phone / email / etc.; chairing / facilitation; atmosphere; summarising)
Dealing with power gaps: are there power gaps between participating stakeholder groups? how are they being addressed / dealt with?
Are there mechanisms of meta-communication during the process? What kind?

Decision-making process: procedures of agreement
Depending on the type of MSP: Is agreement being sought? If so, how is that conducted? and by who?

Implementation process
Depending on the type of MSP: How is implementation being decided / planned / conducted? By who?

Closing the MSP
How and when does the process conclude? Who is making the decision and how?


Structural Aspects:

Structures / institutions of the MSP
Secretariat? Facilitating body? Board / Forum…?

Who facilitates the MSP? Exact role of a facilitating body? How does the facilitating organisation work with stakeholders?
Does that include secretariat services?

Rapporteuring from meetings; summarising outcomes; publication of documentation – by who? when? and how?

Relating to not-participating stakeholders
Do other stakeholders know about the process? Can they feed into the process? And how? 

Relating to the general public
What kind of information about the MSP is available to the public? Via which channels? Who is providing that information? Can the public comment / ask questions / feed in? And how?

Linkage into official decision-making process
Is the MSP linked to an official decision-making process? Of govts, intergovernmental bodies, other stakeholders? Via which mechanisms? How transparent and predictable are these mechanisms? Can stakeholders impact the mechanisms? And how?

Is the process being funded? By who? Who is fundraising? How much does it cost? What impact do funders have on process, structures & outcomes? 

Resources Used to Conduct the Analysis
Will be listed at the end of the full report


Contact Minu Hemmati and Felix Dodds for further information.