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The book, developed on the basis of the project report, comments from a large number of colleagues and discussions at the workshop, will be published in January 2002 with Earthscan, London. Copyright of the text lies with UNED Forum & Earthscan.

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Multi-Stakeholder Processes for Governance and Sustainability
- Beyond Deadlock and Conflict

By Minu Hemmati 

with contributions from Felix Dodds, Jasmin Enayati & Jan McHarry

London, Earthscan 2001


Contents [ download in PDF ]


Table of Contents [68 KB]
List of Figures, Tables and Boxes
About the Authors
Glossary, Acronyms and Abbreviations
A Call to Readers


1. Introduction [76 KB]
Where We Are
One Step Beyond
An Eclectic Approach
Nothing New?
The Book


Part I Building Blocks

2. Terms, Variety and Goals [78 KB]
Clarification of Terms
A Variety of Processes
The Goals

3. The Context: Multi-stakeholder Processes and Global Governance (by Felix Dodds) [78 KB]
Impact of UN Reform Packages
The Role of the CSD in Evolving Change
The Future

4. The Concepts: Key Values and Ideologies of MSPs
Fundamental Values
[169 KB]
Derived Concepts and Strategies

5. The Research: Effective Communication and Decision-making in Diverse Groups (by Jasmin Enayati) [117 KB]
Overview of Findings

6. The Practice: Examples of Multi-stakeholder Processes
[471 KB]
Reported Problems and Conclusions
Twenty Examples


Part II How to Do It

7. Designing MSPs: A Detailed Guide [212 KB]
Some General Considerations
Dialogue / Meetings
Throughout the Process

8. The Short-Cut [62 KB]
Principles of Stakeholder Involvement and Partnership
A Checklist for MSP Designers


9. Conclusion: More than One Step Beyond - What Next? [27 KB]


Appendix I Methodology of the Project [37KB]

Appendix II Contributors, Commentators and Interviewees [27 KB]

Appendix III UNED Forum [18 KB]

References [145 KB]

Notes [68 KB]

Index [39 KB]


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