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Information on Type 2 Outcomes for the Johannesburg Summit  

Stakeholder Forum Position papers on the overall framework of outcomes for the Johannesburg Summit


Listings of type 2 initiatives

Johannesburg Summit 2002 – “Type II” Partnerships Initiatives

UN Official Website on Type 2 Partnership/Initiatives: 

Contains background information and info on partnership registration. Also houses the list and descriptions of initiatives submitted to the Secretariat at 

International Institute for Sustainable Development (IIED) Partnerships page with background information, links to position papers, type 2 sites, relevant events: 

Business Action For Sustainable Development (BASD)
Business Partnership Initiatives: BASD presents 'Business Partnership Initiatives', examples of business working with others towards sustainable development. Includes (planned) collection of partnerships initiatives and space for submissions.  

Virtual Exhibition
A UNDP & BASD project, including information on examples, partnership matching tool, online discussion, and a planned broadcast from WSSD.
Virtual Exhibition initiative has been created to provide a platform for all members of society - governments, NGOs, businesses or local communities - to share their sustainable development experiences and achievements. Billed as an "innovative multi-media showcase of sustainable development initiatives," Virtual Exhibition will display sustainable development projects being pursued around the world and bring summit proceedings to a global audience - in real time, via the internet. (World Summit on Sustainable Development Info Mailing List) – Partner Matching Service
2002summit-L is an announcements list for any activity related to preparations for the World Summit on Sustainable Development.
The scope of the 2002SUMMIT-L list has been expanded to include postings by representatives of organizations/governments to announce the development of Type II outcomes and calls for possible partners. It is aiming to provide an informal mechanism to enable those developing Type II initiatives to make that information known and to facilitate initial contact with others who are developing similar initiatives. Follow-up communication that might explore synergies or possible partnership opportunities would take place off-line.
The 2002SUMMIT-L list reaches approximately 25,000 people and organizations who are involved in preparations for Johannesburg.
To use this list to post information on your organization/government's Partnership plans, just send mail to from the e-mail address to which you have subscribed to the list. This mail will automatically be sent to all of the other subscribers to 2002SUMMIT-L.  If you have been forwarded this message and would like to subscribe to 2002SUMMIT-L, visit, enter your e-mail address at the top of the page and hit the "submit" button.

Background information / discussions / partnerships general

Johannesburg Summit 2002
Official UN website for the Summit; background information: Partnerships/Initiatives to strengthen the implementation of Agenda 21. More links to current discussions and guidelines for type 2 outcomes on the prepComm 3 and 4 pages.

International Institute for Sustainable Development - WSSD Partnerships E-Consultation
What makes partnerships work? What undermines them? And what is needed to establish and sustain effective partnerships? From May 6 to June 7, 2002, on behalf of the Virtual Exhibition, IISD will facilitate an electronic consultation on the nature of partnerships for sustainable development. The dialogue, energized by the participation of guest facilitators, will explore the power and potential of SD partnerships.  
International Institute for Environment and Development – Background Paper at

Stakeholder Forum For Our Common Future / Multi-Stakeholder Processes

Stakeholder Forum For Our Common Future / Implementation Conference

Heinrich Boell Foundation – What are the expected outcomes of the WSSD?

International Union for the Conservation of Nature – IUCN at the Prepcoms.
IUCN et al: Workshop on Strengthening Governance Capacity to Address Sustainable Development Objectives, April 2002

Northern Alliance for Sustainability (ANPED): Background information, position papers, letter to SG, etc

Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD): Johannesburg 2002 – Lead up to Prepcom IV

Friends of the Earth: Letter to Professor Emil Salim, Chairman WSSD

Rio10: Civil Society preperation for the Johannesburg Summit in Africa, Latin America and Asia

The Equator Initiative -  
The Equator Initiative has been designed to support the WSSD and the Convention on Biodiversity, and will highlight successful initiatives undertaken by communities in the Equatorial belt that promote poverty alleviation through the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. For this initiative, UNDP is partnering with BrasilConnects, the Government of Canada, the International Development Research Centre, IUCN - The World Conservation Union, the Television Trust for the Environment, and the UN Foundation to showcase highly successful and innovative partnerships for sustainable development in tropical ecosystems. 


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