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Team Structure



Team Structure for IC Process

Project Coordinators: overall develpment and management of the IC, finances, etc.

Issue Coordinators: Coordinate the development of the issue strands (per 'rolling issue papers'), on the basis of starter papers and consultations with IAGs; communicate with IAGs and possible participants; coordinate IAG communication; coordinate possible pre-meetings; develop list of IC participants, based on consultations; produce material for website, newsletter, and UN PrepComm meetings; arrange side events at PrepComms. Based in London at Stakeholder Forum.

Facilitators: Nigel Gibbs is coordinating the facilitators team, together with the facilitation design team, who have to build a team of 25+ professional facilitators for the sessions at the IC itself

Interns: supporting the project and issue coordinators, developing specific Action Plans, supporting the logistical preparations for the event in Johannesburg - and being helpful in all kinds of ways!

Admin / Finance Officer: managing IC project finances

Logistics: Planning and running the conference office in Johannesburg are Paul Whiffen, working with a number of team members and the staff from Conference Africa, our professional conference organizer in Johannesburg

Multi-media Coverage and Coaching: covering the preparations of the IC and the event itself via interviews and group meetings coverage on digital video; preparing the multi-media CD ROM report of the IC; coaching the IC team in terms of communication and communication tools

Knowledge Management: helping the IC Team to learn before, during and after the process components, and supporting the development of Action Plans with learning and knowledge management components

Research: accompanying research to explore stakeholder communication and determine more systematically factors of success and failure 

Issue Advisory Groups (tasks)

Stakeholder Forum International Advisory Board: general guidance; membership to IAGs

Stakeholder Forum Management and Board: overall guidance, support at the IC

Volunteers in Johannesburg: general support at the IC



Project Coordinators

Minu Hemmati, Project Co-coordinator,

Robert Whitfield, Project Co-coordinator,

Issue Coordinators

Gordon Baker, Issue Coordinator (Health)

Jasmin Enayati, Issue Coordinator (Freshwater),

Irene Gerlach, Issue Coordinator (Sustainable Energy),

Claire Rhodes, Issue Coordinator (Food Security),


Michael Burke, Fair Trade Coordinator, Intern (Assistant to Minu Hemmati)

Lars Friberg, Intern (Health, Johannesburg Logistics)

Ruth Grier, Intern (Food Security),

Marcus Hill, Intern (Energy),  

Luke Murray, Intern (Freshwater)

Emily Noah, Intern (Freshwater, Johannesburg Logistics)

Musa Salah, Intern (Food Security / Land)

Jinal Shah, Intern (Health),

Evie Wilkins, Intern (Johannesburg Logistics)


Nigel Gibbs, Coordinating Facilitator, Gibbs Free Energy  

Gary Austin, circleindigo  

Jenny Howard, Sage Coach  

Gary Purser, Gary Purser and Associates  

Justine Marchant, circleindigo  

Alex Villar Hauser

Multi-media Coverage & Coaching

Brad Meyer, Collaboration UK Ltd

Knowledge Management & Logistics

Paul Whiffen (KTI), Knowledge Management Coordinator and Logistics Manager for the IC event

Volunteers in Johannesburg

Marianne Barlage, Bochum, Germany

Liesbeth Lake, Edinburgh / Pretoria

Katri Suomi, Finland


Anna Heydenreich, University of St Gallen

Stakeholder Forum Management and Board

Felix Dodds, Stakeholder Forum Executive Director

David Hales, Stakeholder Forum Senior Advisor

Derek Osborn, Stakeholder Forum Co-Chair


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