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Robert Whitfield,
Project Co-coordinator

A Cambridge economics graduate, Chartered Accountant and Insead MBA, Robert has spent the last 25 years in international business. The last 15 years have been with the Airbus partnership as Director of Business Development and later Director of Strategy and External Affairs in the UK and Senior Vice President Finance of Airbus Industrie in Toulouse.

He has extensive experience of multi-party and multi-national negotiations relating to international collaborative projects.

With a background of environmental strategy with Airbus, Robert is currently a member of the Air Travel Greener by Design team in the UK and working in the field of environmental strategy.

Having first organised an international conference on Ecology and Business in 1973 Robert is now working with Stakeholder Forum for Our Common Future to deliver the Implementation Conference. He is co-coordinating the IC with Minu Hemmati.



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