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Luke Murray, Intern (Freshwater) 

Luke Murray completed an MSc in Energy Policy and Environmental Technology at Imperial College’s Centre for Environmental Technology in London in September 2000. His thesis paper reflected an acquired fascination for hydrogen fuel cells and their perceived potential. Previously he had studied Environmental Geography at University College London. His major thesis there was ‘An assessment of the health and vitality of coral reefs of the Western Indian Ocean’. This resulted from his part in the Planetary Coral Reef Foundation’s ‘Indian Ocean and South East Archipelagoes Expedition’ (1995-2000) on which he was a crew member on the leg West from Sri Lanka, through the Maldives, Seychelles, and Kenya during 1996/97. Previously to Stakeholder Forum, Luke has worked as an advisor on a ‘Permaculture’ farm in the UK, for the Conservative Party, and for an independent Production Company producing political documentaries for television broadcast.

On the IC Team, Luke is working with Jasmin Enayati on Freshwater, and he is responsible for organising travel arrangements for IC participants.



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