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We are establishing a Knowledge Management (KM) process to accompany and guide our work on the project.

KM tools help us learn from our experiences along the way and make it available for everybody in the team and the organisation and network as a whole.

Knowledge is an asset, perhaps the most important one we possess. The Knowledge Management (KM) outlook aims to treat this asset seriously and pro-actively manage it. Imagine a world where Knowledge may be consciously shared and implemented to achieve common goals and objectives. Many organizations are trying this, and are finding it empowering, liberating and a means to achieve new goals and objectives in a collaborative way.  

Making KM work means bringing together three areas:

1. People

This is about working with peers, teams and networks to capture nuggets and pockets of expertise so that knowledge is shared in a positive and open way to deliver superior results. 

2. Processes

KM processes include:

"Peer Assists": drawing in transferable skills and past lessons learnt from across communities to improve solutions to new and present challenges

"Retrospects": team meetings, called after completion of a piece of work, which have the objective of capturing lessons learnt during the project

"After Action Review" (AAR): a useful mechanism for individuals and teams to learn immediately from successes and failures 

3. Technology

Intranet, Internet and Extranets may all be used to enable and facilitate people and their knowledge connecting up and finding each other. It is important to see technology as the enabler, not the lead, in KM but it plays a very important role. 

By considering knowledge as a specific asset, and managing it through a conscious combination of the above three areas, communities, organizations and networks can become radically more effective. 


Paul Whiffen is leading on this part of the project.

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