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Justine Marchant – Consultant Facilitator

Justine Marchant is co-founder and a Senior Consultant with circleindigo, a Facilitation and Change Management consultancy specialising in the planning, design and facilitation of group process interventions

Justine has had experience of group, collaborative and participative working since January 1994. She has experience of preparing and running facilitated workshops (450+) for many different clients at all levels of organisations.  Additionally, she has run Scenario planning workshops for Senior Executives, has been involved in running change management workshops as part of wider major change programmes and has designed and run large group interventions.

Justine has also co-developed and run facilitation skills courses.

She has been previously responsible for maintaining facilitation skill and competency levels within a large internal management consultancy, facilitation training and awareness and spreading of facilitation best practice.

Justine is a past secretariat of the UK Facilitator’s Guild, is on the IAF Europe steering committee and organised, project managed and hosted the 1997 IAF Europe/Africa conference, and as such is part of the IAF Association Coordinating Team (ACT).

She is also involved in facilitating groups within the community.

Justine’s background has included time as a systems analyst and programmer working in the Information Technology (IT) department of the Retail Banking division of a large UK clearing Bank.

Justine is an IAF Certified Professional Facilitator and Assessor.


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