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Jasmin Enayati, Issue Coordinator (Freshwater)

Jasmin Enayati holds an MSc in Social & Organisational Psychology from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE). She has been working as an independent consultant with UNED Forum on various projects since January 2000. Together with Minu she has been involved in the preparations for and follow-up of the 5 year review of the World Summit for Social Development in Geneva in June 2000, developing UNED's website on 'Copenhagen+5: A social development resource for all stakeholders' ((, and facilitating meetings of the UK Government and NGOs. She is also involved in the coordination of an international expert workshop on Gender Perspectives For Earth Summit 2002 - Energy, Transport, Information for Decision-Making, to be held in Berlin, Germany, in January 2001. The workshop addressed gender perspectives from developing and developed countries on the issues under discussion at CSD-9 and women's preparations for Earth Summit 2002. 
Recently Jasmin has been editing Connections, UNED Forum's quarterly newsletter.
She has been working on the media project LifeOnline, coordinating background briefings and moderating online discussions on Earth Summit 2002.

Jasmin joined the IC team in February 2002 and is coordinating the freshwater issue strand.


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