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Each issue strand of the Implementation Conference process is guided by an Issue Advisory Group (IAG).

The IAGs are multi-stakeholder, balanced by stakeholders, with 5-10 members each, appointed by Stakeholder Forum. 

Members represent relevant stakeholder groups and/or are key organisations in stakeholder networks at the international level. 

Our goal is to make the IC preparatory process as interactive as possible: Keep the amount and length of preparatory documents to a minimum, rather arrange direct communication via telephone conversations and telephone conferences. The Issue Coordinator will be responsible for minuting direct communications and incorporate comments into the 'rolling issue paper' and developing lists of IC participants.


IAG Freshwater

IAG Energy

IAG Food Security

IAG Health 


IAG Tasks

The overall task of the Issue Advisory Group is to guide the development of one of the issue strands of the IC process, regarding the development of possible IC outcomes and identifying IC participants.

Issue development:

Participate in consultations within the IAG to identify possible focus areas and possible outcomes for the IC process, using a brief starter paper (1-3 pages) prepared by Stakeholder Forum as a starting point, and the developing 'rolling issue paper' throughout the process

Point the Issue Coordinator (at Stakeholder Forum) to good and bad practice examples and lessons learnt

Both of the above will provide guidance to the Issue Coordinator as to develop the 'rolling non-paper'

IC participants

Identify possible participants for the IC process, at international, regional and national levels (as appropriate)


Approximate engagement level

Be available for IAG telephone conferences (ca. 1 per month)

Be available for bilateral telephone conversations & emails with Issue Coordinator (ca. 1 per month)

Read the 'rolling issue paper' as it develops (comments in bilateral conversations with Issue Coordinator and in IAG telecons)

Comment on developing list of possible IC participants

(if possible) Attend pre-meetings (i.e. brief meetings around the PrepComms ľand potentially one 1-2 day workshop per issue like the workshop in NY 2/3 Feb on Health and Stakeholder Citizenship)

(if possible) Participate at side events held during official preparatory meetings in order to feed in the IC process thinking 

Attend the IC itself, 24-26 August, Johannesburg; being prepared and mandated to develop collaborative stakeholder action plans


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