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Gary Purser

Gary Purser & Associates is an organic group of highly experienced Facilitators from both the Public and Private Sectors.  Their specialist skills range from highly interactive IT Processes like Cognitive Mapping with Group Explorer - through DSDM, JAD & RAD Processes - Large Group Interventions using Future Search and Open Space Technology as well as Real time Strategic Change - through to 1-2-1 Counselling, Executive Mentoring and Critical Incident De-briefing.

It is this unique blend of skills and abilities combined with hands on practical proven success that makes Gary Purser and Associates a much sought after provider of Facilitation Services.  They are wholly Client Centred and do not offer 'Off the Shelf' packages but design each intervention specifically to the Clients individual needs.

Gary Purser:

Gary is the founder and a Principal Consultant with Gary Purser & Associates.  He is an experienced facilitator (13+years) from the Tavistock Centre School of Facilitation and has worked in both the Public and Private Sectors as an internal and external facilitator.  Some of his achievements are:

    Personally training and developing hundreds of Process Facilitators.

    He is one of the founders and Operations Director of Facilitation Accreditation Services which provides an Accreditation and Certification Service to Professional Facilitators World-wide.

    Facilitated Rapid Application Development of IT Systems

    He has designed and facilitated large scale Planning Conferences using techniques such as Future Search and Open Space Technology.

    He has been involved in planning and facilitating multi-agency Conferences & meaningful Partnerships in the delicate field of local and National Politics.

    On behalf of the UK Foreign Office he has worked in Russia & Poland with the government & militia on the Democratisation Processes following Glasnost & Perestroika.

He has an Honours Degree in Management and Systems Science and is a Fellow of the Institute of Management.  He belongs to numerous Networks including the Organisational Transformation Network, the Service Transformation Network, the Future Search Network, the European Facilitators Network and he is a member of the Professional Development Task Force of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) and the British Deming Society.

He has addressed many Conferences and Seminars and has a national reputation for making organisational development interesting, understandable and fun!  Satisfied clients include:

NatWest Bank



UK Department of Trade & Industry



Office for Public Management

European Union


Royal Ulster Constabulary

National & Local Government


Civil Service Staff College

International Governments



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