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Conference Outline

September  2001 Version



Johannesburg (exact location to be identified)



Saturday August 24, 2002 to Monday August 26 



To plant seeds for cultural change - from words to action, from static to dynamic, from competition to collaboration: stakeholders collaborating - spinning into action - towards new horizons



To inspire stakeholders to create collectively clear, measurable, on-going action to deliver the sustainable development agreements


Desired Outcome

Concrete, agreed and owned collaborative action plans aimed at implementing the Sustainable Development Agreements in 5 specific issue areas


Greater awareness

Increased commitment of stakeholders towards taking their role in implementing international and regional sustainable development agreements;

Shared experience and expertise;

Partnerships between various stakeholder groups, as well as between stakeholders, governments, and intergovernmental bodies;

Foundations for long-term stakeholder implementation.



Key stakeholders for each conference issue, by invitation, balanced by region, gender and stakeholder group (500 - 1000 participants in all);

Participants identified through consultations within stakeholder groups;

Journalists invited to attend;

Representatives of governments and intergovernmental bodies invited to attend.


Conference Material

Conference participants will receive a comprehensive conference package providing the necessary supporting material.
Package contents will include: 
Background briefing papers outlining the problem area, existing good practices, possible solutions, roles of stakeholders, possible partnerships, institutional / legal requirements;
Overviews of international and regional agreements on the issue;  
Synthesis of stakeholder positions, identifying differences and common ground;
Possible partnerships and outline of possible commitments / action plans, identified by stakeholder groups;

Case studies / good practice examples as they are submitted to the planned Exhibition, the investment competition, the sustainable development award scheme and similar activities, will be exhibited at the conference;

All conference material will be put on the conference website.



The conference will be focussed on 5 issue areas;

1.       Freshwater

2.       Sustainable Energy

3.       Food Security

4.       Public Health & HIV/AIDS

5.       Tools for Corporate Citizenship

All issues will be addressed with a particular view to 

social inclusion and poverty eradication; 


the impact of globalisation; and 


These issues very broad. The conference process on each of the issues will include to consult with respective issue-specific advisory groups (made up of the relevant stakeholders) and make decisions on which specific aspects shall be addressed.


The Conference Ethos

The conference is a gathering of stakeholders willing to collaborate. Stakeholder Forum for Our Common Future (formerly UNED Forum) is aiming to facilitate this space.

The event will be designed in such a way that it allows for people to get to know each other and build trust, to network across the sectors / issues, and to work together effectively.

Careful planning of agenda and time-table will be balanced with a need for flexibility.

[ Principles of stakeholder participation and collaboration ]


Support systems

Support systems such as office facilities, meeting facilities for smaller and larger groups, IT / communications support, etc. will be available.


Day 1

Opening plenary, outlining the purpose, goals, ethos and agenda of the conference;

Space for gathering socially;

Parallel sessions on the conference issues, introducing the conference material.

Days 2 & 3

Parallel sessions on the conference issues, possibly further divided into small groups;

The sessions will be presented with a list of questions & tasks to be addressed;

The parallel sessions will be linked in such a way as to allow people to mix.

Day 4

Reporting back to plenary;

Draft summary outlining principal outcomes and sense of the meeting;

Planning for events / activities at the Summit.



Links with the Official Summit Process

  Week commencing August 19 Week commencing August 26 Week commencing September 2
Summit process: Potential for text finalisation Text finalisation Heads of State meeting
Implementation Conference process:

The implementation conference itself:

24 - 26 August


Opportunity to feed in the Implementation Conference Outcomes at the Summit Stakeholder Dialogues
satellite event to present Implementation Conference Outcomes 



Between the Implementation Conference and Earth Summit 2002

Prepare statements, conference summary and exhibition material to present the outcomes to the Summit.

Stakeholders can choose to present Implementation Conference outcomes as part of their commitments for  the future during the Stakeholder Dialogues at the Summit.



Other Earth Summit 2002 Satellite Conferences

Stakeholder Forum for Our Common Future (formerly UNED Forum) will organise a satellite event to present the findings and outcomes from the Implementation Conference (during 1st or 2nd day of the official Summit). Links are being established with the planned Exhibition, the planned Investment Competition, the Awards for Sustainable Development Scheme, and similar activities so that

case studies and presentations for such events can be studied at the Implementation Conference as potential models;

such events can use the preparatory material and outcomes of the Implementation Conference.



Specific agreed and owned action plans aimed at implementing sustainable development agreements in 5 specific issue areas, such as:

Toolkits for stakeholders and stakeholder collaboration on the conference issues;

Agreed pilot projects and programmes (aiming for stakeholder partnerships);


Challenges from stakeholders towards the intergovernmental process to agree commitments and strategies for implementation;

Networks of stakeholders on the conference issues to carry on after the conference.

And overall: a contribution to cultural change towards enabling sustainable development.



Documentation on the conference web-site;

Dissemination through stakeholder groups;

Follow-up multi-stakeholder groups through regular updates on the web-site and an electronic newsletter;

Monitor implementation of conference outcomes and report back to the intergovernmental process.


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