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Brad Meyer, Coach & Multi-media

We invited Brad to work with us through his reputation (and then our experience of him) as a coach and “multi media man” in the context of Knowledge Management and Organisational Change.

Brad works within the behavioural aspects of change initiatives and uses both behavioural and computing technologies to help people achieve their aspirational objectives together.

He is founder and Director of Collaboration Ltd (, which is an organically evolving group of individuals from around the world that recognise value in working together to help others work together more effectively

Brad helps BP (formerly British Petroleum) on a continuous basis with virtual team working, knowledge management and e-Learning initiatives. His company has also been working with Scottish Enterprise, Centrica, IBM and SAIC, among others.

Through Brad’s efforts, Stakeholder Forum have benefited from:

Several multi media CD ROMs supporting the facilitators working with the Implementation Conference (IC),

A multi media CD ROM re-presenting the Bonn Dialogue Sessions on Equitable Access & Sustainable Supply of Water for the Poor.

Early guidance on simple ways to bring video interviews onto our website – so that we have been able to more easily and fully share some of the rich insights surfacing out of the PrepComs leading up to the WSSD.

We hope (with Brad’s help) to produce a multi CD ROM re-presenting some of the knowledge, insight and inspiration coming out of the IC itself later this year.

Brad will be donating is time to attend the IC and part of the Summit, interview participants, record sessions, and coach the team. Anna Heydenreich and Marcus Hill will assist him.

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