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Draft 'Non Paper'
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Stakeholder Citizenship and the Health Sector

Workshop, New York, 2./3. February 2002


Partners: Stakeholder Forum for Our Common Future; Novartis International AG; Novo Nordisk A/S; Society for Participatory Research in Asia (PRIA); World Information Transfer (WIT) 

Partners Approached: World Health Organisation (WHO); Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

Further Support From: BP Amoco plc; RMC Group



Corporations, NGOs, intergovernmental bodies and others have been developing innovative strategies to tackle urgent issues such as equitable access to health and to other basic needs; increasing transparency and accountability of their operations; and developing partnerships amongst themselves. However, many of these efforts fail to be replicated, many problems remain unsolved, and there is no coherent framework of 'stakeholder citizenship'.

Ten years after the Rio Earth Summit, the World Summit on Sustainable Development will take place in Johannesburg in September 2002. Many stakeholders are seeking to engage in exchange and learn from their respective experiences with the challenges of sustainable development. They are also seeking to identify more clearly their roles and options within sustainable development and to become more pro-active in addressing emerging and possibly contentious issues.

The planned workshop, organised by a group of partner organisations, intends to bring together representatives of corporations, NGOs, intergovernmental bodies and other stakeholders. The meeting will focus on the health sector, and mechanisms of stakeholder responsibility / transparency / accountability. It will feed into the preparations for Stakeholder Forum's Implementation Conference (Johannesburg, August 2002), and into the official Summit preparatory process.



All stakeholders taking their role in making sustainable development a reality



To explore a set of high priority questions in the areas of health and corporate / stakeholder citizenship that can be addressed through collaborative stakeholder action.

Identify good practice and learning from experiences

Increase understanding of stakeholders' roles in sustainable development, and their limitations

Increase understanding of incentives for and barriers towards stakeholder action and stakeholder collaboration, their short and long term gains

Identify / prioritise urgent and emerging issues, particularly in relation to health and sustainable development and those that require (joint) stakeholder action

Identify areas of possible collaboration


Critical Outcomes

Responsibilities of stakeholders are better defined, including areas of overlap.

Stakeholders have learnt more about each others' understanding of and experiences with collaborative action, based on real world examples.

Stakeholders increase their understanding of their respective concerns and interests, including aspects of accountability and transparency.

A relevant subset of critical parameters for sustainable development in health care is identified.

A number of emerging and urgent issues in relation to health and sustainable development are identified.  

Workshop Report



Stakeholder representatives, such as: corporations; NGOs; trade unions; indigenous peoples; media; women's groups; etc.

Intergovernmental bodies

International multi-stakeholder initiatives




Preparatory & Follow-Up Activities

Identify participants through consultations with partners and within the broader stakeholder community

Identify possible speakers for the plenary sessions; professional facilitators; rapporteurs for break-out groups

Prepare background document on existing examples of activities and programmes, such as: differentiated pricing mechanisms within the health sector; benefit-sharing arrangements between corporations and local communities; stakeholder activities on corporate accountability; reporting mechanisms; collaboration models.
This shall be put together by Stakeholder Forum, based on interviews with partners and potential participants; relevant publications;

Prepare 'Non Paper No 1' on emerging issues in the health sector. Andreas Seiter (Novartis), in cooperation with Stakeholder Forum, produced a starter paper of thoughts, suggestions, questions (Nov / Dec 2001). This is being sent to partners and possible participants for comments and interviews over the phone (Dec 2001 / Jan 2002). Comments and amendments are being incorporated, producing a rolling 'Non Paper' the last version of which be sent to participants 10 days before the event.

Prepare 'Non Paper No 2' on emerging issues of corporate / stakeholder citizenship. Robert Whitfield (Stakeholder Forum), in cooperation with Stakeholder Forum board members, produced a starter paper of thoughts, suggestions, questions (Nov / Dec 2001). This is being sent to partners and possible participants for comments and interviews over the phone (Dec 2001 / Jan 2002). Comments and amendment are being incorporated, producing a rolling 'Non Paper' (including diverse views), the last version of which be sent to participants 10 days before the event.

Prepare a workshop report with all documents, presentations, outcomes (summary for printed format; complete coverage for CD ROM format; including interviews with participants)

Feed results into the official Summit process (via PrepComm II side event; circulating outcome document; articles in Network 2002; website; lobbying);

Feed results into the Implementation Conference preparations, as starters for the strands on "Public Health & HIV/AIDS" and "Corporate / Stakeholder Citizenship"


Staff at Stakeholder Forum / Implementation Conference team

Co-ordinators: Minu Hemmati & Robert Whitfield

Lead facilitator: Nigel Gibbs

Issue coordinator / logistics: Gordon Baker (
Tel +44 20 7839 7171
/ international mobile +44 7881 626 553



BP - New York
535 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10022-4212




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