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Draft 'Non Paper'

Draft 'Non Paper'
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Chair: Derek Osborn, Stakeholder Forum



Michael Araujo, IUCN - The World Conservation Union

Andjelia Barton, Hawaii Institute for Human Rights

Sebastian Beloe, SustainAbility

Elizabeth Bowen, International Environment Forum

Henrique Brandao Cavalcanti, Intergovernmental Forum on Chemical Safety

Dina Deligiorgis, Columbia University

Felix Dodds, Stakeholder Forum

Christine Durbak, World Information Transfer

Barbara Felitti, Institute for Sustainable Communities

Emily Ford, Global Reporting Initiative

Tim France, Health and Development Networks

Claude Fussler, World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Limota Goroso Giwa, International Women Communication Centre, Nigeria

Ann Goodman, Tomorrow Magazine

Tracy Haller, Novartis

Suzanne Harvey, Friends of the United Nations

Minu Hemmati, Stakeholder Forum

Paul Hohnen, Global Reporting Initiative

Lord Holme of Cheltenham, Business Action for Sustainable Development

Nariman Khayltash, Baha'i Community South Africa

Lise Kingo, Novo Nordisk A/S

Franz Knecht, Connexis AG

Ronald Labonte, University of Saskatchewan

J Gary Lawrence, Sustainable Strategies & Solutions

Teodorina Lessidrenska, Global Reporting Initiative

Crispino Lobo, Watershed Organisation Trust

Ku’ulei Maunupau, Hawaii Institute for Human Rights

Dave Moorcroft, BP Amoco plc

Tell Münzing, SustainAbility

Nancy Nielsen, Pfizer Ltd

Ena Pedersen, Deloitte & Touche Ltd

Jan Peterson, Huairou Commission

Daniel Puls, East-West Institute

Pamela Ransom, Independent Consultant      

Jo Render, First Peoples Worldwide

Mark Robson, UMDNJ-School of Public Health

Hugh Scully, World Medical Association

Andreas Seiter, Novartis International AG (Talking Points)

Sheila Shettle, EarthMedia

Alyson Slater, Global Reporting Initiative

Lars Rebien Sørensen, Novo Nordisk A/S (PowerPoint Presentation)

Preben Sørensen, Deloitte & Touche Ltd.

Claudia Strauss, World Information Transfer

Michael Strauss, EarthMedia

Pieter van der Gaag, ANPED - Northern Alliance for Sustainability

Yasmin von Schirnding, World Health Organisation (PowerPoint Presentation)

Annabell Waititu, Environment Liaison Centre International

John Waugh, IUCN - The World Conservation Union

Allen White, Global Reporting Initiative

Robert Whitfield, Stakeholder Forum

Laura Williamson, United Nations Environment Programme

Owens Wiwa, African Environmental and Human Development Agency

Zonibel Woods, Action Canada for Population



Nigel Gibbs, Felix Dodds and Jasmin Enayati, Stakeholder Forum

Michele Ferenz, Consensus Building Institute

Megan Howell, University of Auckland


Stakeholder Forum team:

Gordon Baker, IC Issue Coordinator

Anna Birney, SF Education Coordinator

Felix Dodds, Executive Director

Jasmin Enayati, Facilitator

Rosalie Gardiner, SF International Team Policy Coordinator

Nigel Gibbs, IC Project Lead Facilitator

John Gordon, UNED - UK

Minu Hemmati, IC Project Coordinator

Beth Hiblin, SF International Team Policy & Administration Coordinator

Toby Middleton, SF International Communications Manager

Charles Nouhan, SF Deputy Director / UNED-UK Coordinator

Derek Osborn, Chair

Robert Whitfield, IC Project Coordinator

Draft 'Non Paper' on health

Draft 'Non Paper' on corporate / stakeholder citizenship


Workshop Report

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