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Background Paper For the Workshop

"Stakeholder Citizenship and the Health Sector"

2/3 February 2002, NY


A preliminary Collection of Example Activities, Organisations, Networks and Resoruces in the Areas of Health and Corporate / Stakeholder Citizenship


1. Introduction

This document provides a collection of examples of activities, organisations, networks, and resources in the areas of health and coroporate / stakeholder citizenship.

It is by no means complete - but rather a starting point of a "library" of stakeholder ideas and activities in these areas. We hope to add to the collection as the Implementation Conference (IC) project progresses.

The IC is all about gathering and developing ideas of action that stakeholders might want to engage in collaboratively. We hope that the examples and resources that we collect will inspire stakeholders in the IC process.

An updated version of this document will be made available at the workshop "Stakeholder Citizenship and the Health Sector", 2/3 February, NY. We are sure we will learn of more examples and resources at the workshop itself. If you can point us to other activities that should be included here, please let us know. Contact Gordon Baker at

Please note that the descriptions are in most cases based on self-descriptions which are available in the public domain. As such, they do not present an 'analysis' but a colleaction of 'raw data'. Neither do the following descriptions imply any kind of assessment, evaluation or opinion by the partners hosting the workshop (Stakeholder Forum For Our Common Future, BP Amoco plc, Novartis International AG, Novo Nordisk A/S, Society for Participatory Research in Asia, World Information Transfer), or any other organisation or individual involved with the IC project or the workshop activities.

Criteria for inclusion in this background document were the areas of work (health; corporate citizenship); examples that might be discussed at the workshop (eg activities partners are involved in); with a preference to multi-stakeholder activities.



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