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Sustainable Energy

Stakeholder Forum resource page on climate change and energy, covering: 
Latest Developments
; Key Documents
; Climate Change & Energy - the United Nations Conferences
Stakeholder Resources: Business & Industry; Indigenous Peoples; Interfaith Community ; Local Authorities ; Multilateral Organisations; Non-Governmental Organisations; Parliamentarians ; Science & Technology; Trade Unions ; United Nations; Regional Resources ; Nuclear Energy Resources  

Stakeholder Forum Briefing Paper on climate change and energy (PDF) (RTF): Addressing some of the key problems associated to climate change and carbon dioxide emissions, the paper profiles key proposals for improvement, in particular: energy efficiency and renewable energies. The paper also contains a concise overview of the evolution of the Framework Convention and Kyoto Protocol since 1992. Summary tables are presented on: regional energy emission and climate change trends; the role of stakeholder groups; and inter-linkages of sustainable energy and climate change to other sustainable development issues.

Stakeholder Forum roadmap on climate change and energy  

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change: Homepage for official negotiations

Earth Negotiations Bulletin – Climate Change: Reporting on latest developments in the official negotiations process

Agenda 21: Chapter 9: Protection of the Atmosphere Agenda 21: Chapter 9: Protection of the Atmosphere (UNCED Earth Summit, Rio, 1992) Agenda 21: Chapter 9: Protection of the Atmosphere (UNCED Earth Summit, Rio, 1992)

Programme for the Future Implementation of Agenda 21 (Rio +5, New York, 1997) (Paragraphs 42-46 on energy, 48-56 on atmosphere.)

Report of the Secretary General on Energy and Transport (Word format) - UN World Summit on Sustainable Development background document (2001)

Texts of the Framework Convention on Climate Change & the Kyoto Protocol (1992/1997)

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Assessment Reports. “3rd Assessment Report” - Policy-makers summaries (2001). “2nd Assessment Report” - Policy-makers summaries (all six UN languages) (1995). 

World Energy Assessment. UNDP, DESA, World Energy Council (2000)

Report of the Interactive Thematic Session on Energy. UN Conference on the Least Developed Countries



Stakeholder Forum resource page on Freshwater, covering:
Issues: Community Empowerment and Information Management; Environment; Financial and Economic Mechanisms; Human right to water; Integrated water resource management; Food Security ; Freshwater and UN conferences; Water and conflict
Stakeholders: International; Regional organisations & agreements; Non-Government Organizations; Business; Academic Organizations; Media

Briefing Paper on Freshwater (PDF) (RTF): This paper focuses principally on the global drop in basic water supply and sanitation over the last 10 years. It considers critical international and regional aspects relating to the continued freshwater overuse, mis-use and infrastructural problems. Some solutions are addressed with regards to enabling greater access to water, as well as furthering sustainable water use and management.

Stakeholder Forum Roadmap on Freshwater 

International Conference on Freshwater, Bonn, Germany, 2001:
Bonn Ministerial Declaration (PDF)
Bonn Recommendations (PDF)
Bonn Keys (by the Facilitator) (PDF)

2nd World Water Forum, The Hague, Netherlands, 2000  
Ministerial Declaration on Water Security   

8th Informal Environment Ministers Meeting, Multi-stakeholder Dialogues on Water and Energy, 2000 
Full report; stakeholder background papers; comparative analysis; conclusions

Millennium Targets, 2000  

UN Commission on Sustainable Development 6th Session, 1998  

Programme for the Further Implementation of Agenda 21 Ch. 18 Freshwater United Nations General Assembly 19th Special Session New York, 1997

Chapter 18 of Agenda 21, 1992  

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Freshwater Portal: Part of the UNEP.Net information system, an extensive catalogue of information resources ranging from documents, to databases, to maps and graphics, covering the most critical freshwater issues of the day: water scarcity, irrigated agriculture, water and sanitation, water quality, groundwater, transboundary water management, water and ecosystems, floods and droughts, and urban water.

Water For People,


Food Security

Stakeholder Forum resources page on food security (forthcoming)

Stakeholder Forum Briefing Paper on food security (forthcoming)

Stakeholder Forum roadmap on agriculture  


Public Health and HIV/AIDS

Stakeholder Forum resource page on HIV/AIDS, covering:
Issues: Access to health care services, medication and reproductive rights; Social and Economic Aspects

Developing countries; Industrialised countries

Organisations: Faith Communities; NGOs; Institutions; Media & Education; Industry; Trade Unions; UN; Women; Youth

Stakeholder Forum Briefing Paper on HIV/AIDS (PDF) (RTF): The devastating toll of the HIV/AIDS pandemic is examined in this paper.  Its present and future impact on global sustainable development, especially for the poorest members of society and least developed countries, is discussed. Some of the suggested strategies for dealing with the most critical aspects of the disease are also reviewed.

UN AIDS, Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS

UN General Assembly Special Session, June 2001:
The Global Strategy Framework on HIV/AIDS 
Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDs

World Bank HIV/AIDS Programmes and Initiatives

World Health Organization- Reference page with links to publications, surveillance & response, WHO Initiative on HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections (HSI), and UNAIDs and HIV/AIDS report of the Director General

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria  

Gender and HIV/AIDS. UNIFEM 

Human rights, Women and Aids . WHO 2000 Fact sheet no. 247 

Framework of Action Towards Involving Workers in Fighting HIV/AIDS in the Workplace. ICFTU (2000)

Global Business Council on HIV/AIDS


Corporate / Stakeholder Citizenship 

UN Secretary General's Report "Towards Global Partnerships", 2001 (DOC) (PDF)
UN General Assembly Resolution 56/176, "Towards Global Partnerships" (PDF)

Global Reporting Initiative

Van der Gaag, P (2001) Global Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility Regimes, Governments, stakeholders and how to use companies in creating and protecting sustainable societies.

Lord Holme (1999) Corporate Social Responsibility : speech given at Norsk Hydro conference 28/4/99.

Toronto Multi-stakeholder Consultative Meeting on Voluntary Initiatives and Agreements, (1999): Chairman’s Summary



Stakeholder Forum resource page on gender, covering:Health; Human Rights and Security; International commitments; Participation; Sustainable Development; Work and Economy

Stakeholder Forum Briefing Paper on Gender (PDF) (RTF): The need for gender equity cuts across all aspects of Sustainable Development. This paper depicts some of the on-going blocks to gender equity at global and regional levels. Touching on a vast array of issues: human rights and security; poverty; access to and management of resources; trade and finance; development; and health, it outlines some means to tackle these problems and proposes some key questions which need to be addressed by the Johannesburg Summit. A central theme to improving gender equity is the need to inspire and build a culture of partnership. Partnership not only between men and women but also between civil society and institutions, and between the local to global levels of policy making for sustainable development. 

Stakeholder Forum roadmap on gender  

Stakeholder Toolkit for Women and NGOs website; booklet - UN documents; NGO documents; networking resources; links; compilations of international agreements; etc

CSD NGO Women's Caucus - position papers; links; Earth Summit 2002 activities

Women's Environment and Development Organisation (WEDO)

Huairou Commission   



Stakeholder Forum's work on multi-stakeholder processes, covering:
Definitions; goals; 20 examples; values & ideology; relevant social scientific research; principles of stakeholder participation and collaboration; step-by-step guide to designing multi-stakeholder processes.

Hemmati, M. Multi-Stakeholder Processes for Governance and Sustainability - Beyond Deadlock and Conflict (with contributions from Felix Dodds, Jasmin Enayati, Jan McHarry). London: Earthscan (January 2002)

Stakeholder Forum resource page on governance, covering:

Stakeholder Forum Paper on Governance For Sustainable Development. Submission to the Fourth Meeting of the Open Ended Intergovernmental Group of Ministers or Their representatives on International Environmental Governance, Montreal, Canada, 30 November – 1 December 2001


Research Centres

Centre for Science & Environment

International Institute for Environment & Development

International Institute for Sustainable Development

North - South Centre

Overseas Development Institute

The South Centre

Third World Institute

World Resources Institute

World Watch


Stakeholder Forum websites:

Stakeholder Forum for Our Common Future (formerly UNED Forum) homepage

Towards Earth Summit 2002

Multi-Stakeholder Processes

Social Development / Copenhagen +5

Stakeholder Toolkit for Women

City Life series: TVE, Panos, Women's Feature Service, Stakeholder Forum:



Official UN website for the World Summit on Sustainable Development, Johannesburg, South Africa, 26 August - 4 September 2002:

World Summit on Sustainable Development / Civil Society Secretariat, South Africa, at

People, Planet and Prosperity: South African Government website for the World Summit on Sustainable Development at

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IUCN - The World Conservation Union, website for the World Summit at http://www.iucn/wssd



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