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CLICK HERE: Initial Implementation Conference Report 1 Sept 2002 / PDF


The Implementation Conference has developed collaborative stakeholder action in the following 4 issue areas:  [ 1 ]

Sustainable Energy  


Food Security 


All of these issues are being addressed with a particular view to:

social inclusion and poverty eradication


the impact of globalization


corporate / stakeholder citizenship


We believe that this approach, aiming to mainstream the cross-sectoral issues into the sectoral ones, will yield the most tangible results.

The issue areas very broad. The preparatory process on each of these issues included consultations with respective Issue Advisory Groups (made up of the relevant stakeholders) which helped to identify areas of collaboration.


Environics International have included questions on the importance of the IC issues in their January 2002 GlobeScan survey (3000+ experts around the world). All IC issues are regarded as very important for the Summit process and progress on sustainable development in general. Go to to check the report.


[ 1 ] To identify the Implementation Conference issues, Stakeholder Forum for Our Common Future (formerly UNED Forum) conducted a consultation process.
We had initially planned to address 5 issues, including "Corporate / Stakeholder Citizenship". We have discontinued the work on this issue as a separate strand, as issues of accountability, transparency and responsibility run through all sustainable development related work and needs to be addressed within them. We are aiming to do this within the action plans developed, much as mainstreaming gender and questions of social inclusion and good governance.


PLEASE NOTE: In the interest of transparency of the process, we publish up to date project developments on this website at short intervals - and things might change over time as the process moves forward. Come back for up to date information!

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