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Implementation Conference:

Stakeholder Action For Our Common Future

was held Johannesburg, South Africa, 24 - 26 August 2002 at the Indaba Hotel and the IUCN Environment Centre. The process was facilitated by Stakeholder Forum for Our Common Future.


Purpose: To inspire stakeholders to create collectively, clear, measurable on-going action to deliver the Sustainable Development Agreements

Desired Outcome: Concrete, agreed and owned collaborative actions plans aimed at implementing the Sustainable Development Agreements in four specific areas


The IC is a process and event that demonstrates how stakeholders, working in partnership, can play their roles and meet their responsibilities in sustainable development.

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For any questions please contact the Project Coordinators:

Minu Hemmati, email; Tel +44 20 7089 4309

Robert Whitfield, email;Tel +44 20 7089 4319


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