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IC Event  /  IC Summary Report

Purpose: To inspire stakeholders to create collectively, clear, measurable on-going action to deliver the Sustainable Development Agreements.

Desired Outcome: Concrete, agreed and owned collaborative actions plans aimed at implementing the Sustainable Development Agreements in four specific areas.

All IC outcomes are building on good practice and address identified gaps. They include: strengthening of existing partnership initiatives or broadening them; new networks of existing partnerships fore exchange and learning; replications of good practice partnership initiatives; and new partnership initiatives.

All IC outcomes benefit from the value added through a multi-stakeholder approach, namely: increased quality by integrating a wider range of expertise; increased credibility by integrating different perspectives / interests; and increased outreach into various stakeholder communities.


Issue Coordinator: Jasmin Enayati,

  1. Multi-stakeholder Review of Global Water / Sanitation Supply Strategies 

  2. Training and capacity building on gender mainstreaming in IWRM 

  3. Local Government Freshwater Capacity Building in Asia Pacific 

  4. International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance 

  5. Water Wise Programme – Promoting Social Solutions for Wise Use of Water 

  6. Eradication of Diarrhoeal Disease in the Limpopo Basin 

  7. Strengthening Public Water Systems 


Sustainable Energy 
Issue Coordinator: Irene Gerlach,


  1. Biomass 

  2. Solar Best Practice 

  3. Global Eco Village Workshop 

  4. Assessing Best Practice 

  5. North-South Platform


Food Security 
Issue Coordinator: Claire Rhodes,


  1. Capacity Building for Agricultural Media Professionals (AMPs) 

  2. Multi-stakeholder Network for Local Enterprise 

  3. Secure and Equitable Access to Land Partnership Programme (SEAL) 

  4. Expansion of AgLe@rn  

  5. Ecoagriculture 

  6. Smallholder Irrigation Promotion in Semi-arid Areas 


Issue Coordinator: Gordon Baker,


  1. HIV and AIDS in the World of Work

  2. ‘Drop the Malaria Tax’ Campaign Action Group

  3. The Indaba Declaration on Food, Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Development

  4. Migration of Health Workers 

  5. Media for Development 

  6. Partnerships for Health Research 


For any questions please contact the Project Coordinators:

Minu Hemmati, email;  Tel +44 20 7089 4309; Fax +44 207 089 4310
Robert Whitfield, email; Tel +44 207 089 4319
Fax +44 207 089 4310


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