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Stakeholder Forum resource page on Health and Environment, covering:
Issues: air pollution; cities; climate change; development; infectious diseases; environment; HIV/AIDS; indicators; life expectancy; malaria; ozone; POPs; water
Organisations: international; regional, academia and research; local authorities; media; NGOs; trade unions; women.
Stakeholder Forum Briefing paper on Health and Environment (PDF) (RTF)

Stakeholder Forum resource page on HIV/AIDS, covering:
Issues: Access to health care services, medication and reproductive rights; social and economic aspects;
developing countries; industrialised countries
Organisations: Faith Communities; NGOs; Institutions; Media & Education; Industry; Trade Unions; UN; Women; Youth
Stakeholder Forum Briefing Paper on HIV/AIDS (PDF) (RTF): The devastating toll of the HIV/AIDS pandemic is examined in this paper.  Its present and future impact on global sustainable development, especially for the poorest members of society and least developed countries, is discussed. Some of the suggested strategies for dealing with the most critical aspects of the disease are also reviewed.

UN AIDS, Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS

UN General Assembly Special Session, June 2001:
The Global Strategy Framework on HIV/AIDS
Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDs

World Bank HIV/AIDS Programmes and Initiatives

World Health Organization Reference page with links to publications, surveillance & response, WHO Initiative on HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections (HSI), and UNAIDs and HIV/AIDS report of the Director General

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

Gender and HIV/AIDS, UNIFEM 

Human Rights, Women and Aids WHO 2000 Fact sheet No. 247 

Framework of Action Towards Involving Workers in Fighting HIV/AIDS in the Workplace. ICFTU (2000)

Global Business Council on HIV/AIDS


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