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Preparatory process on health:

Issue Paper v1 available Jan 2002.

Developments were guided by a multi-stakeholder Issue Advisory Group.

To kick off the development of this issue strand, we held a workshop on "Stakeholder Citizenship and the Health Sector" (February 2/3 2002; New York), co-hosted with a group of partner organisations.

Issue Advisory Group (IAG) selected, Issue Paper v2 distributed and initial one-to-one discussions held

IAG dinner 3rd April 2002: outcome reported to group. Conference call 29th April.

Issue Paper v3 distributed for discussion, conference call to agree core areas.

The fourth draft issue paper (PDF) was made available in May 2002.

To support the building of close linkages with the outcomes of the Johannesburg Summit, we had compiled the relevant extracts on health from the Chair's Text for PrepComm IV (see PDF file).

Small groups consultations with interested parties on individual action plans.


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