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HIV and AIDS in the World of Work



The group was made up of Southern African participants. Through a process of sharing the group identified the context of HIV and AIDS in the region as follows:

A common history

Inadequate translation of knowledge and skills into practice

High levels of discrimination and stigma

Partnerships exist:

Between NGOs and CBOs

Unclear government role and presence

Unequal development



Management attitude



HIV/AIDS: a non-priority



The group then developed the following common vision for HIV and AIDS in the World of Work

An environment where there is:

Stakeholder engagement with relevant standards and guidelines for appropriate adaptation, e.g. ILO and SADC Codes


Acknowledgement and Incentives

An appropriate method or system to be designed with clear criteria

E.g. Tax incentives

Preferential contracts

Significant reduction in discrimination and stigma

Sharing of Best Practices such as M&E indicators and Reporting systems

Partnerships that promote dialogue and networking



The group then identified three priority outcomes as follows:

Vision 1: Stakeholder engagement with relevant standards for appropriate adaptation

Adapting of the ILO Code for SMEs. 

Local, district and city workshops be held to discuss and debate current ILO Code

Feedback be incorporated in provincial discussions (country specific)

International conference to be held in September 2003 where country, UN and other stakeholders debate and discuss country presentations

New (draft) ILO Code for SMEs devised

SMEs enabled to implement code through training conducted at local level.  The new code is tested for a period of 2 years

Code is reviewed in 2005 feedback given to UN and other stakeholders

Process undertaken to finalise and adopt code for SMEs


Vision 2: Sharing Best Practices

Implement a Conference on Best Practice

ILO hosting global conference in 2003 has indicated that members of the group will be invited to participate

Develop Media strategy

Conduct awareness workshops

Facilitate on-going development of IEC material


Vision: Partnerships that promote dialogue and networking

Establish an African Chapter of Stakeholder Forum with the purpose of promoting and strengthening African partnerships. The make up of the Forum will have a civil society focus.

NEPAD and Stakeholder Forum to play a crucial role in initiating debate and liaising with key stakeholders

University of Ghana has volunteered to act as Secretariat

Stakeholder Forum has indicated an interest in supporting the initiative

More than 30 IC participants have signed their names in support of initiative

Task team to be set up in coming year


Vision 3: Develop methods of acknowledgement and Awards for outstanding performance and or programmes in the field of HIV and AIDS in the World of Work

An international Award system (ILO?) already exist

National governments to use existing system to develop own

Key stakeholders be involved in developing country specific system

Performance and programmes  to be acknowledged at multinational, SMME and local level

African Chapter of Stakeholder Forum be responsible for on-going monitoring and follow up to ensure quality control


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