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Issue Strand: Health

Huge strides were taken by over 75 participants working in six parallel, focused groups: each establishing an agreed context and vision before sharing experience and identifying practical deliverable outcomes. Each group identified specific action programmes with commitments for participation and timetables for implementation. Several groups developed more than one action plan to be pursued by all or several of the organisations present. Stakeholder Forum is in discussion with each group to identify needs and garner (and provide) support. One key requirement is the engagement of further participants in most of the programmes – please let us know of your interest!



  1. HIV and AIDS in the World of Work

  2. ‘Drop the Malaria Tax’ Campaign Action Group

  3. The Indaba Declaration on Food, Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Development

  4. Migration of Health Workers 

  5. Media for Development 

  6. Partnerships for Health Research 


Click here for more information about the preparatory process on health.


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