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[ Freshwater Issue Paper / PDF / RTF ]

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Stakeholder Forum resource page on Freshwater, covering:
Issues: Community Empowerment and Information Management; Environment; Financial and Economic Mechanisms; Human right to water; Integrated water resource management; Food Security; Freshwater and UN conferences; Water and conflict
Stakeholders: International; Regional organisations & agreements; Non-Government Organizations; Business; Academic Organizations; Media

Briefing Paper on Freshwater (PDF) (RTF): This paper focuses principally on the global drop in basic water supply and sanitation over the last 10 years. It considers critical international and regional aspects relating to the continued freshwater overuse, mis-use and infrastructural problems. Some solutions are addressed with regards to enabling greater access to water, as well as furthering sustainable water use and management.

Stakeholder Forum Roadmap on Freshwater 

International Conference on Freshwater, Bonn, Germany, 2001:
Bonn Ministerial Declaration (PDF)
Bonn Recommendations (PDF)
Bonn Keys (by the Facilitator) (PDF)

2nd World Water Forum, The Hague, Netherlands, 2000  
Ministerial Declaration on Water Security   

3rd World Water Forum, Kyoto, March 2003

8th Informal Environment Ministers Meeting, Multi-stakeholder Dialogues on Water and Energy, 2000 
Full report; stakeholder background papers; comparative analysis; conclusions

Millennium Targets, 2000  

UN Commission on Sustainable Development 6th Session, 1998  

Programme for the Further Implementation of Agenda 21 Ch. 18 Freshwater United Nations General Assembly 19th Special Session New York, 1997

Chapter 18 of Agenda 21, 1992  

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Freshwater Portal: Part of the UNEP.Net information system, an extensive catalogue of information resources ranging from documents, to databases, to maps and graphics, covering the most critical freshwater issues of the day: water scarcity, irrigated agriculture, water and sanitation, water quality, groundwater, transboundary water management, water and ecosystems, floods and droughts, and urban water.


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