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The preparatory process on freshwater: 

First meeting of possible members of the Issue Advisory Group (IAG) at the International Conference on Freshwater in Bonn, Germany, 5 Dec 2001 (invitation). Invited were the stakeholder representatives who coordinated the multi-stakeholder dialogues at the Bonn Conference, and representatives from women and youth.

First IAG meeting , 29th February, in New York, during PrepComm II for Earth Summit 2002 (list of invitees / invitation). 

Freshwater Issue Paper Version 2 produced by Stakeholder Forum, which was the basis of discussion at an IAG telephone conference, held 15 March 2002 where we started prioritising joint action towards collaborative action plans and the intergovernmental process. 
Participants: Al Fry, WBCSD; Giselle Weybrecht, Youth Water Action Team; Jennifer Francis, Gender & Water Alliance; Lucien Royer, ICFTU; Marcella de Souza, Watershed Organisation Trust; Nick King, International Water Association; Nora Ourabah, IFAP; Stephen Lintner, World Bank; Stephen Turner, WaterAid; Victoria Elias, ECO-Accord. Plus Jasmin Enayati, Minu Hemmati, and Robert Whitfield, Stakeholder Forum.

These discussions and individual comments from IAG members helped us to formulate draft action plans which were the basis of discussion at an IAG dinner meeting during PrepComm III in New York on 26th March.

IAG dinner meeting in New York, 26 March 2002.
Agenda: discuss draft action plans; start identifying IC participants; discuss the Freshwater IAG's input to Swiss Conference on Sustainable Water Management (25/26 April). The idea is to have a diversity of stakeholder views represented at the conference, and to hold an IAG meeting. The conference organisers (Swiss Govt & Swiss re) also aim to bring ideas on Public-Private-Partnerships, which the conference aims to develop, into the IC process.

IAG meeting, Rueschlikon, 26 April 2002 - Notes form the meeting.

An IAG meeting was held during PrepComm IV in Bali, as well as a number of bilateral and small group meetings.

The fourth draft issue paper (PDF) was available in May 2002, based on recent international agreements (see resources) and previous discussions with the Issue Advisory Group (IAG). 

Preparations were then focusing on consultations with interested parties on each individual action plan.


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