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Issue Strand:  Freshwater

Over 100 representatives of NGOs, business, trade unions, farmers, academia, women, youth, international agencies, governments, and others met at the IUCN Environment Centre and the Indaba Hotel to work in seven different groups. They addressed draft action plans that had been prepared in extensive consultations among stakeholders since autumn 2001. The process built on the networks and agreed priorities that have come out of the Second World Water Forum (The Hague, 2000) and the International Conference on Freshwater (Bonn, December 2001).



  1. Multi-stakeholder Review of Global Water / Sanitation Supply Strategies 

  2. Training and capacity building on gender mainstreaming in IWRM 

  3. Local Government Freshwater Capacity Building in Asia Pacific 

  4. International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance 

  5. Water Wise Programme Promoting Social Solutions for Wise Use of Water 

  6. Eradication of Diarrhoeal Disease in the Limpopo Basin 

  7. Strengthening Public Water Systems 


Click here for more information about the preparatory process.

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