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Capacity Building for Agricultural Media Professionals (AMPs)


Leading Contact:

Paul Osborn
Willem Alexanderpoort 46
1421 Uithoorn
The Netherlands
Phone: (31) 297 523 023



To empower AMPs in developing countries to utilise a full spectrum of resources so resource poor farmers can fully contribute to national, regional and global food security



To empower AMPs in developing countries to enable resource poor farmers to contribute fully to local, national and regional food security

To build the capacity of Agricultural Media Professionals (AMPs) within developing countries, enabling enhanced provision of appropriate information to farmers within developing countries though:

The development of regional training workshops for AMPs – with especial focus on maximising outreach both geographically and linguistically. 

Increasing collaboration and networking opportunities between AMPs within developing countries, through the creation and expansion of the Task Force of Agricultural Media Professionals (AMPs)

A Global Task Force of Committed Agricultural Media Professionals (AMPs), mandated to raising the profile and capacity of Agricultural Media Professionals through the adoption of an action plan/ work programme with 

Assigned responsibilities

Targets and time frames

A Code of Conduct

A defined strategy for resource acquisition


Work Programme

An initial research programme to produce an inventory of current AMP practitioners

Produce and distribute a quarterly newsletter

Develop of a communication network and knowledge management resource for the Task Force

The Task Force will create a web-site and member list-service for communication and information exchange

The AMP Task Force web-site, as an information resource, to include the AMP inventory and current and past AMP newsletters

Organise and host regional capacity building, training workshops for AMPs

Explore linkages and potential scope for collaboration with Ecoagriculture partnership initiative, with regard to provision of relevant ‘Ecoagriculture’ information.


Partners: AMP Task Force Members

CropLife International, Arid Lands Information Network - Eastern Africa, Mediateurs (The Netherlands, Uganda and Malawi), The Agriculturalist (Jamaica), Farmers Weekly (South Africa), Pro-Spec Media (South Africa), Stakeholder Forum for Our Common Future


Additional Background Information:

The work programme of the AMP Task Force will make a significant contribution to the attainment of the objectives of both Agenda 21 and the United Nation Millennium Declaration through:

Empowerment of AMPs in developing countries to enable resource poor farmers to contribute fully to local, national and regional food security, through the provision of relevant, timely information to farmers / agricultural workers  - with additional ensuing benefits potentially arising through the increased adoption of appropriate agricultural management practices as a consequence. 

Enhanced use of information and communication technologies, as tools to increase the frequency of communication and the sharing of experience and knowledge amongst AMPs, farmers and agricultural workers - improving the quality of and access to information

Improved interaction, collaboration and networking for the delivery of appropriate agricultural information, facilitating farmer-to- farmer exchange on good practices.

Strengthened knowledge capacity, primarily of AMPs and as a consequence, of resource poor farmers

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