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Questions of fair and ethical trade touch upon core issues of sustainable development and its three pillars of social equity, economic development, and environmental protection, and the fundamental questions of global equity and human rights.

We are exploring if the Implementation Conference process can offer a space for organisations working in the area of fair & ethical trade, to:

promote their goals & activities;

broaden the scope of what they are doing;

initiate exchange, common learning, identifying partners;

bring the concepts to new sectors.

Such activities could be subject of the preparatory process and agreed joint work programmes as possible outcomes.


Process so far:

Researched and contacted organisations working on fair / ethical trade in different sectors (eg coffee, cocoa, palm oil, flowers) but also ones in non-agricultural sectors such as tourism;

Generated interest in the Johannesburg Summit process and the Implementation Conference

Started to produce a background paper - see the Introduction here


Next steps:

Conference Call on 20 May (participants / agenda), with a number of organisations, to explore the ideas, clarify possible engagement, identify additional relevant organisations;

Possibly facilitate a sub-group of organisations working on fair / ethical trade and develop partnership initiatives

For example: develop common learning and exchange, eg between coffee and other, less well advanced sectors; explore how experiences could be translated into other sectors;

Invite representatives of other sectors to discuss fair trade opportunities;

Develop a 1-2 year work programme of learning, promotion, and spread of fair trade in commodities, where organisations from the different sectors come together

Identify a facilitating organisation; seek funding for the initiative


If you are interested in this process, please contact:

Michael Burke, Fair Trade Coordinator,


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