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Stakeholder Forum resource page on climate change and energy, covering: 
Latest Developments
; Key Documents
; Climate Change & Energy - the United Nations Conferences
Stakeholder Resources: Business & Industry; Indigenous Peoples; Interfaith Community ; Local Authorities ; Multilateral Organisations; Non-Governmental Organisations; Parliamentarians ; Science & Technology; Trade Unions ; United Nations; Regional Resources ; Nuclear Energy Resources  

Stakeholder Forum Briefing Paper on climate change and energy (PDF) (RTF): Addressing some of the key problems associated to climate change and carbon dioxide emissions, the paper profiles key proposals for improvement, in particular: energy efficiency and renewable energies. The paper also contains a concise overview of the evolution of the Framework Convention and Kyoto Protocol since 1992. Summary tables are presented on: regional energy emission and climate change trends; the role of stakeholder groups; and inter-linkages of sustainable energy and climate change to other sustainable development issues.

Stakeholder Forum roadmap on climate change and energy  

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change: Homepage for official negotiations

Earth Negotiations Bulletin – Climate Change: Reporting on latest developments in the official negotiations process

Agenda 21: Chapter 9: Protection of the Atmosphere Agenda 21: Chapter 9: Protection of the Atmosphere (UNCED Earth Summit, Rio, 1992) Agenda 21: Chapter 9: Protection of the Atmosphere (UNCED Earth Summit, Rio, 1992)

Programme for the Future Implementation of Agenda 21 (Rio +5, New York, 1997) (Paragraphs 42-46 on energy, 48-56 on atmosphere.)

Report of the Secretary General on Energy and Transport (Word format) - UN World Summit on Sustainable Development background document (2001)

Texts of the Framework Convention on Climate Change & the Kyoto Protocol (1992/1997)

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Assessment Reports. “3rd Assessment Report” - Policy-makers summaries (2001). “2nd Assessment Report” - Policy-makers summaries (all six UN languages) (1995). 

World Energy Assessment. UNDP, DESA, World Energy Council (2000)

Report of the Interactive Thematic Session on Energy. UN Conference on the Least Developed Countries





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