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Global Eco Village Workshop


EcoEarth Alliance: Outreach and Funding Action Plan


Objective: Develop an action plan for partnership growth and funding for the EcoEarth Alliance (ECA) to implement its sustainable development model.


Accountable Person: Liora Adler



Members of ECA ERI, GEN, GEN/SEN, SV, RTE, IISF, Millennium Village (UK)


Resources Needed

  1. Time together

  2. Research (prioritising)

    1. Desirable partners (funding, sponsor, capacity expansion)

    2. Effective strategies

                                              i.     Identified the various income streams

1.    special projects

2.    other initiatives

3.    inter-governmental sponsors

4.    donors

a.    individual

                                                                                                   i.     large

                                                                                                  ii.     small

b.    foundations

5.    Training and Consultation classes

6.    Conferences

7.    Sales and E-Commerce

8.    Membership / Stakeholders Personal Investment Fund

a.    Individuals

b.    Member organizations

9.    Profitable spin-offs in which we have shares

  1. Formal proposal/invitation letter for potential partners

  2. Process of consideration/criteria for potential partners

  3. ECA infrastructure (website, bank accounts, 501(c)3, process decisions, etc.)

  4. Outreach team, strategy for outreach team


Actions to be Taken

1. Meet: Thursday, 8pm meeting at GEN house; September 2 summit presentation

2. Ongoing contact via e-mails and conference calls Timeline: ongoing

3. Go over the contacts developed for potential funding sources for GEN Senegal with Marion

4. Define which are phase one projects, in addition to GEN Senegal. Such as tree planting campaign Food and Trees for Africa

a. Invite Nick and Paul Coleman to the Thursday meeting

b. Make an action plan for the GEN Senegal program defining what the alliance will concretely do for GEN Senegal for a year.

5. Cultivating partners already identified and finding new potential partners, as well as developing the process for selecting partners. Timeline: Identified at upcoming meeting

a. Ford, Global Greens, GVE Partnership, SARD, GEF Small Grants, USAID, European Union, Equator Initiative, Joan Walley, John Turner, Heinrich Boell, Winrock, Rockefeller, IFAD, Jose Maria Figueroa (ex president of Costa Rica), Community Kraal, Earth Council, Earth Stewards, Green Belt Movement, World Bank, World Bank Institute (educational and outreach arm), Turner Foundation, ILO Community Development, Sierra Club

6. Research into a and b Timeline: Identified at upcoming meeting

    Designate who will be writing the proposal and invitation letter Timeline: Thursday meeting

  1. Create draft of proposal and invitation letter. Timeline: upcoming meeting

  2. Assign an outreach team. Timeline: Thursday meeting

  3. Plan for summit presentation. Timeline: Thursday meeting

  4. Agenda for meeting Timeline: Thursday before meeting

             a.   Presentation for alliance at the summit;

    1. structure;

    2. coordination, administration; identify committees related to marketing/outreach process;

    3. definition of structure and designation of roles.

  1. Update list serve with all new partners, as well as Anna, Omar, Ismael, Marion

  2. Strategize for outreach to potential partners during summit Timeline: Thursday mtg

  3. Develop a cover letter, and its stationary

    1. Send e-mail to Village Earth


How Will We Know We Have Succeeded?

  1. Identified the specifics of phase one, as well as identified how much funding we need.

  2. Created a cogent, clear, accessible, attractive and effective website and web strategy

  3. Finalized the administrative and organizational structure

  4. Contacted and received feedback for future direction from all potential funding partners

  5. Identified key spokespersons in each partner organization

  6. Have had press coverage that reaches multiple continents and population of 1 million+ people


Current Status:  This proposal has been agreed and finalised and has received some funding support.

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