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Issue Strand:  Sustainable Energy

Over fifty participants from various organisations from around the world actively participated in the working groups on action plans for sustainable energy. The outcomes of  the Energy Workshops are attached.  All of these outcomes currently sit as proposals, some of  which have been finalised, whereas others are still in draft format, with contributions needed from specific participants  in to agree the way forward.



  1. Biomass 

  2. Solar Best Practice 

  3. Global Eco Village Workshop 

  4. Assessing Best Practice 

  5. Network of Oil-Affected Communities (NOAC) 



Preparations: The Issue Paper (PDF / RTF *) was the basis of developments of joint action plans. It relates closely to recent international agreements (see resources). To support the building of close linkages with the outcomes of the Johannesburg Summit, we had also compiled the relevant extracts on energy from the Chair's Text for PrepComm IV (see PDF file). Our preparations included group meetings, conference calls and bilateral communication with the Issue Advisory Group and others. Many bilateral and small group meetings were held at PrepComms II - IV. Draft action plans were developed and we facilitated discussions among interested parties.


Irene Gerlach, Issue Coordinator / Energy
Stakeholder Forum for Our Common Future (formerly UNED Forum)
7 Holyrood Street
London SE1 2EL
Tel + 44 20 7089 4300 
Fax +44 20 7089 4310


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