Earth Summit 2002  


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UN Secretary General's Report "Towards Global Partnerships", 2001 (DOC) (PDF)
UN General Assembly Resolution 56/176, "Towards Global Partnerships" (PDF)

Global Reporting Initiative

Van der Gaag, P (2001) Global Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility Regimes, Governments, stakeholders and how to use companies in creating and protecting sustainable societies.

Lord Holme (1999) Corporate Social Responsibility : speech given at Norsk Hydro conference 28/4/99.

Toronto Multi-stakeholder Consultative Meeting on Voluntary Initiatives and Agreements, (1999): Chairmanís Summary



World Business Council for Sustainable Development

International Chamber of Commerce

Business Action for Sustainable Development

ANPED - The Northern Alliance for Sustainability

Friends of the Earth International

Global Reporting Initiative

International Confederation of Free Trade Unions

United Nations Environment Programme DTIE


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