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Below the list of Action Plans (= partnership initiatives) that are being developed through to finalisation at the Implementation Conference (IC).

Within the areas of freshwater, energy, food security, and health, we have been consulting a wide range of stakeholders since autumn 2001, in order to identify opportunities for collaboration that contribute to the implementation of sustainable development agreements.

The criteria for pursuing an Action Plan are pragmatic: does it have a "champion" and enough support from different stakeholder groups to be further developed; does it have the potential to become "real" within a very short period of time; and is there funding strategy in place or enough support so that an event at the IC would create considerable interest by donors to get involved, where necessary. However, the list is not yet finalised and changes are bound to happen within the next few weeks.

Representatives from several stakeholder groups organisations are involved in each Action Plan. 

The Action Plans roughly fall into five categories: 

capacity building; 

operational / development projects; 

networking & knowledge building; 

research & policy; and 

public awareness campaigns.

We will be continuing to develop the Action Plans in consultation with the stakeholders, with the "champions" taking the lead, designing the events at the IC for each working group, working on funding strategies, and identifying participants for each Action Plan, based on the suggestions from Issue Advisory Group members. That means that we will be mostly working with sub-groups for each Action Plan.

Linkages to existing sustainable development agreements and WSSD outcomes are being spelled for each Action Plan (see links to individual Action Plans). A number of these Action Plans have been submitted as Type 2 Partnership Initiatives to the WSSD Secretariat.

If you want to participate, please identify your area(s) of interest and contact the respective issue coordinators (see below).

Overall project coordinators:

Minu Hemmati, Tel +44 20 7089 4309,

Robert Whitfield, Tel +44 20 7089 4319,



Issue Coordinator: Jasmin Enayati,

Action Plans: 

Good Governance Multi-stakeholder Review of Water & Sanitation Supply Strategies (more detail / PDF)

Capacity-building / "Water Wise" Campaigns (more detail / PDF)

Local Government Freshwater Capacity Building in the Asia Pacific (more detail / PDF)

Water and Health / Water borne Disease Eradication in the Limpopo Basin (more detail / PDF)

Gender Mainstreaming (more detail / PDF)

Global Rainwater Harvesting Collective (more detail / PDF)

Public-Public Partnerships / Strengthen Public Water Systems (more detail / PDF)

Safe Water for All Public Water System (SWaFAS) (more detail / PDF)

Also see the full freshwater page



Issue Coordinator: Irene Gerlach,

Action Plans: 

Solar Best Practice Programmes: MSIP / Barefoot Solar Programme / Solar Cookers Programme (more detail / PDF)

Replicating best practice in relation to biomass and reducing indoor air pollution; micro-hydro and wind power (ITDG) (more detail / PDF)

Assessment of what best practice really means (more detail / PDF)

How Local Communities can benefit from oil & gas extraction in the Developing World

EcoYoff and GEN Senegal Program of Action for the WSSD Partnership Initiative (more detail / PDF)

Global Village Energy Partnership (GVEP) (GVEP website - online September)

Also see the full energy page


Food Security

Issue Coordinator: Claire Rhodes,

Action Plans: 

Expansion of the AgLe@rn Initiative, a web-based educational tool, and developing an impact monitoring and evaluation research programme (more detail / PDF)

Strengthening farmers organisations: capacity building towards the farmer level (more detail / PDF)

Distortive Agricultural Subsidies (more detail / PDF)

Secure access to land (more detail / PDF)

Ecoagriculture / Raising the profile / awareness of the need for sustainable ecosystem management (more detail / PDF)

Strengthening partnerships between agricultural community and other stakeholders (more detail / PDF)

Fair and Ethical Trade / SME Development (more detail / PDF)

Also see the full food security page



Issue Coordinator: Gordon Baker,

Action Plans:

AIDS in the Workplace (more detail / PDF)

North-South Partnership / Novartis Institute for Tropical Diseases (more detail / PDF)

Malaria / Remove taxes and tariffs for malaria prevention resources in Africa (more detail / PDF)

Migration of Health Professionals (more detail / PDF)


Media and Development (more detail / PDF)

Also see the full health page

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