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International Conference on Freshwater, Bonn

Main conference web site

Multi-stakeholder dialogue segment 

UN Commission for Sustainable Development (CSD)

Main UN CSD site

UN CSD 6 April 1998 Strategic approaches to freshwater management 

NGO CSD Steering Committee: the CSD link to the NGO freshwater caucus

UNED-Forum's Road map to freshwater issues at Earth summit 2002


Other Useful sites

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International Meetings

Stockholm International Water Symposium

Collaborative Initiatives
Inter-American Water Resources Network
United States-Asia Environmental Partnership
Universities Water Information Network
Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council
World Business Council for Sustainable Development


News & Information Networks
Atlas of Americas Polluted Waters

CNN Interactive
Global Environment Outlook 2000 (UNEP)

Great Lakes Information Network
International Network of Basin Organisations

Middle East Water Information Network
Water Online

World Watch Institute


International Associations
American Water Works Association
The Groundwater Foundation
Inter-American Association on Sanitary and Environmental Engineering
International Association of Hydrological Sciences
International Association for Hydraulic Research
International Association on Water Quality
International Commission on Water Quality
International Office for Water
IRC Water Resources Management Project

International Water Association
International Water Management Institute : Poverty, Gender and Water link

National Groundwater Association
Water Environment Federation


International NGOs

Canadian International Development Agency
Swedish International Development Co-operation Agency
Center for Science and the Environment
Conservation Foundation
Environmental Defense Fund
Global Water Partnership
Green Cross water links

Helsinki Commission
Natural Resources Defense Council

Sierra Club
Terrene Institute

The World Conservation Union
The World Commission on Dams
World Health Organization
World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)

Private Sector
Groupe Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux

Severn Trent

Stockholm Water Company

World Business Council for Sustainable Development



E/The Environmental Magazine
International News

Tomorrow Global Environment Business


Research Institutes
American Institute of Hydrology
Centre for Environmental Assessment
IHE Delft

International Institute for Environment and Development
International Water and Sanitation Centre
National Water Research Institute (Canada)
National Institute for the Environment (USA), including its freshwater assessment and information
Pacific Institute
Stockholm International Water Institute

Water, Engineering and Development Centre


UN Agencies and International Agencies
ACC Interagency Sub-committee on Water Resources 

Food and Agricultural Organization

United Nations Development Programme and its UNDP/World Bank Water and Sanitation Program
UNESCO and its International Hydrological Programme
United Nations Environment Program
World Health Organization
World Meteorological Organisation

World Bank and International Water Management Institute



Second World Water Forum Links

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Main Sites

World Water Council: over arching organisation for world water vision

World Water Forum: main forum link to coordinators, overall time table, registration details

World Water Vision: World Water Council link to global, regional and sectoral consultations

Global Water Partnership: GWP home page

Framework for Action: Global Water Partnership and FFA Action Unit's regional and sectoral documents


Sectoral Sites

Water for People: Site for the people's "Vision 21" document and including sanitation and drinking water environment and health issues

Water for Food: Sectoral site for agricultural/food security water vision documents and irrigation issues

Water and Nature: Environmental water vision site


Special Sesssions

Water-Education-Training - issues related to water education and training through UNESCO-IHP
Water in Rivers -
through Water in Rivers Website IAHR
Hydropower - through IWRA, IHA
Sovereignty - through Green Cross International
Transboundary Water Transfers - through UNESCO-IHP
Tourism and Recreation - through IWRA
Rainwater Harvesting - through IRCSA

Other Major Groups:




UNED-UK Stakeholder Tool kit  for Women, including focus on freshwater 






Local Authorities


Trade Unions


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