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Earth Summit 2002 holds the promise of being a turning point in achieving sustainable development. The Summit should have a clear, action-oriented, forward-looking agenda, focused on cross-cutting organizational, strategic and policy issues. The goal should be to engage leaders in a collective vision of the future. Canada would like to see leaders consider issues such as global governance and sustainable development; poverty and sustainable development; financial resources, including trade and investment; and capacity building and international cooperation.

The issues and concerns of developing countries will be high on the agenda. Canada strongly believes that the summit should take place in a developing country .Canada applauds South Africa and Indonesia for their kind offers to host this important event. We urge an early decision on the timing and location of the Summit, so that preparations can begin in earnest.

It is important to bear in mind the distinction between the tenth session of the Commission on Sustainable Development and the Summit itself. CSD 10 presents an opportunity to carry out a comprehensive review of Agenda 21, a review to which Canada will contribute. It should result in a fair and balanced assessment of progress and of challenges not met. CSD 10 should not seek to renegotiate Agenda 21, which in our view remains a valid and useful guide for action. Rather, the review of progress should inform leaders' discussions at the Summit, and provide the foundation for action into the future.

Preparatory work for both CSD-1 0 and Earth Summit 2002 needs to be comprehensive and broadly inclusive. We should build on the modalities of participation by stakeholders that have been developed successfully in the CSD and in national processes since 1992. Capturing the imagination of youth will be particularly important.

The preparatory process for Earth Summit 2002 will be the key to its success. This process should provide an opportunity for due consideration of our successes as well as the implementation gaps which remain. Canada supports the incorporation of Earth Summit preparations into the work of the Commission on Sustainable Development. It will be important to draw in other organizations and agencies, such as UNEP, UNDP and the international financial institutions as preparatory work moves forward. Canada commends the Secretariat and the regional commissions for organizing regional meetings. We look forward to participating in what are certain to be valuable and constructive discussions. We are also encouraged that other fora will also engage a wide range of ministers and officials.

Earth Summit 2002 represents a real opportunity to take a bold step towards global sustainable development. It is up to us to seize that opportunity and make the vision of a healthy, safe and prosperous world a reality.