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US Position Regarding the Ten-Year Review of

The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development  


We believe that the objective of the ten-year review exercise should be to mobilize political support for the further implementation of Agenda 21 in particular, while keeping in mind the need to take a coordinated and integrated approach to implementation of all the major UN conferences of the 1990'5. While the process should not renegotiate the key elements contained in Agenda 21, it should identify new or emerging areas that will warrant further attention.

Review and Assessment:

Any successful event must be based upon a serious review and assessment of actions taken to implement Agenda 21. This assessment should be based on scientific and other data, in particular that data provided in national reports. Regional analysis may also be quite useful.

The review and analysis would serve to identify:

(1) Areas where progress has been made;

(2) Areas where further effort is needed;

(3) New challenges and opportunities, such as new communications technology and new science opportunities, that have not been included in Agenda 21.

The preparatory process must also include participation of all the major groups as identified in Agenda 21, as well as by all relevant parts of the United Nations system.

Institutional Issues:

The process will need to evaluate the functioning of the institutions and arrangements established as an outgrowth of the Rio Conference and those tasked with Agenda 21 follow-up, and make recommendations for subsequent action.

Format and Modalities:

The Commission on Sustainable Development at its tenth session should conduct this review and act as the preparatory body for the high-Ievel political event celebrating ten years of effort to address environment and development issues in an holistic manner.

We envision that the review and assessment of the implementation of Agenda 21 would result in a short, focussed document outlining the further steps needed to implement the basic elements of Agenda 21. The document should also contain actions needed to address new and emerging issues.

The document would then be forwarded for adoption to a Special Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations, convened at the highest levels. for that purpose.