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Regional Government Network




Founding Members

Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Basque Country, Spain
State of Bavaria, Germany
Government of Catalonia, Spain
Province of Entre Rios, Argentina
Government of Flanders, Belgium
Province of Gauteng, South Africa
Greater London Authority, United Kingdom
Province of Lapland, Finland
State of Mato Grosso, Brazil
Province of Mpumalanga, South Africa
State of Pennsylvania, USA
State of Pernambuco, Brazil
Region of Poitou - Charentes, France
State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
State of Tocantins, Brazil
Government of Tuscano, Italy
Walloon Government, Belgium
Welsh Assembly Government, United Kingdom
Province of West Java, Indonesia
State of Western Australia, Australia



Association of European Regions
Conference des regions Peripheriques Maritimes
The Northern Forum
Committee of the Regions of the European Union

A regional government meeting will take place in London on the 9 December 2002, to discuss the work plan for the network

The next RGs conference will take place in San Sebastián at the end of March 2003

Further RGs conferences to be will take place in Perth , Barcelona and Wales in 2003, 2004.