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Positions Available
  • Head of Policy & Research

Head of Policy and Research

Salary: 30,000 inc London weighting


Stakeholder Forum for Our Common Future exists to shape a strategic, global, multi-stakeholder movement to influence and implement sustainable development agreements and the Millennium Development Goals.


This position deals with Global Governance, monitoring tools and policy development arising from the World Summit on Sustainable Development. Overseas travel will be required at least 20 days a year.


We are looking for someone with the following skills:

  •       At least 5 years work in policy analysis

  •       Has an understanding of the UN system and other IGOs, especially in the area of sustainable development

  •       Has experience of project development and management, including fundraising and budgeting

  •       Has worked with a range of stakeholders, including conducting consultations and surveys, plus facilitating workshops and conferences


For full job specification and contact Beth Hiblin at bhiblin@earthsummit2002.org.


Deadline: 23rd May, with interviews 2nd 6th June

Start date: July 2003 (Initial 2.5 year contract)


Application Form

Job Specification