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Prep Comm IV Video Diaries

These video diaries introduce some of the key personalities involved in the Earth Summit 2002 process. The diaries offer their thoughts and views on the process so far and beyond. We will be inviting more of the key players to provide video diaries at future international meetings in preparation for Earth Summit 2002.


Emil Salim - Chairman PCIV

Video I - Intro - 1.54mb

Video II - Type 2's - 1.79mb

Video III - Governance of type2's - 1.77mb

Video IV - The future - 2.13mb

Lucien Bradet - Industry Canada

Video 1 - Sustainable Cities Initiative - 2.39mb

Jonathan Margolis - US State Dept

Video I - Intro - 2.02mb

Video II - Targets and goals - 1.91mb

Video III - US vision of the future - 2.08mb



Sabihuddin Ahmed -  MOE Bangladesh

Video 1 - The Process towards Johannesburg -  2.4mb

Richard Howarth - Natural Resources Canada

Video 1 - Natural resources & the WSSD -  3.36mb 

United Nations

Dr Klaus Töpfer

Video I - Intro 1.46mb

Video II - The GEO process 1.79mb

Video III -  Institutions - 2.54mb

Video IV - The Sec Gen's proposals - 3.14mb

Video V - The G8 and the WSSD - 3.00mb


Matt Phillips - FOE

Video 1 - NGO activities in Bali - 0.8mb


Francois Joubert - Envirolaw

Video 1 - The Enviro-Law Conference - 2.56mb